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After hearing his rant all over the internet, isn’t it nice to see a photograph of Christian Bale before he developed that deadly temper? This is an undated photo (judging by the hair we’re guessing the 80’s) of Christian and his mother Jenny and his sister Louise in happier times. That’s before they had that fight in a London hotel room before the “Dark Knight” premier and his sister and mother told police that Christian “assaulted” them. Now his relatives have the last laugh because the people who doubted their story are starting to believe them.



  1. I don’t think anyone was questioning the veracity of the mom from the incident that supposedly took place. Obviously Christian has a serious temper problem. I am sure he is now EXTREMELY embarrassed that it came out. His outburst was unwarranted and unprofessional. He’s the hypocrite here.

  2. I can never see Christian Bale in the same way after hearing this terrible rant. I’ve lost all respect for him.

  3. You know, the way kids turn out is the direct result of their upbringing. Judging from this photo, it looks like he was a beautiful boy who probably got his way and was never told no. Now that he’s an adult, and a star to boot, has only added fuel to the fire and contributed to his sense of entitlement. What you sow is what you reap.

  4. He’s the bad boy, in purest form. Believe me, this will only make him more desirable and popular. Only cause he’s good looking, of course. If he was ugly then he’d be f.cked. P.S….Only really hot and slightly damaged women will get this.

  5. He’s dead to me! I refuse to give a penny to any movie that has him in it. He’s a monster.

  6. I’ve always thought Christian is very good looking, but at the same time, his eyes look like he could be cold and heartless. His rant really proved that to me. The poor guy on the other end of the rant didn’t deserve all that, no matter what he did to offend Christian. We all have cr*appy days and days we’re not at our best, but you don’t go off on somebody like that where you work. You just don’t. He needs some serious anger management classes and some therapy to rid himself of his demons that make him do things like this rant and the assault on his own family. Bottom line — The boy needs help.

  7. His mom had no problem with him when she was pimping him out as a child to make a long and laborious movie “Empire of the Sun”, and he was paying the bills. I think her anger came when he decided he no longer needed to support her…and his deadbeat sister. She created the demons in him. He’s a hard working actor…the only thing he’s ever done. Let’s be honest, most actors are divas, he just happened to be caught on tape.


  9. Oh please, that wasn’t really a curse out that was just ranting and raving. It’s not that serious.

  10. I’d hardly call getting frustrated and yelling for a minute or so a ‘deadly temper’. Who hasn’t done something like that? Trying that sort of spin maybe after he hits someone or smashes something when angry.
    If anything, when upset he was fairly rational. He didn’t resort to any low-blow insults or personal attacks and his main point was “how would you feel if I disturbed your work? Then why are you doing that repeatedly to me?”
    I don’t have a recording of what when on with his family, but again “assaulting” is quite different than “battering”. Anyone can act as if he or she was scared by a little yelling and claim to be “assaulted”. And, I doubt anyone hasn’t heard some yelling at one point or another from a family member.

  11. Christian Bale is unprofessional. Making a movie is a team effort. All members of the team should be treated equally and with respect. Why is Christian any more important than any other member of the team? So he had a bad day. That’s no excuse! I have no use for men (or women) who believe they are superior than you, and who have anger issues. They are terrible to work around and you never know when they’re going to go off. I think it’s a sign of immaturity and I’d love to hear a psychiatrist weigh in on this issue.

  12. Why do some people forgive his horrible anger by excusing it as divaness from actors? In any other profession, he would have been fired and the police called in. Acting is a job like any other job. The best way to make them responsible for bad behavior is to stop going to their concerts or movies. Money talk, people.

  13. This is just a publicity stunt from beginning to end. Let’s face Bale is unrecognizable so this was another attempt to make his presence more evident. Good luck.

  14. David O. Russell’s rant was way scarier and more evil than Christian’s. David is ugly and actually looked like a scary psycho too. I felt really sorry for Lily Tomlin having to have experienced that.

  15. I’d still hit it.
    Angry rough sex with Christian Bale would be hot.
    Wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with him – to high maintenance.

  16. Christian, all you do is repeat words someone else has written, You get paid for how your face looks when you speak and thats it man, its that easy and simple- would you even understand what it takes to light, block and cover a scene?
    Why dont you read a little about gamma and DI’s and the entire workflow process- YOU HAVE no idea what an AD does, a UPM or even a Director.
    You are a monkey, you dance for us and and repeat lines when we yell ACTION and you stop when we yell CUT Ok ? You are like a trust fund baby who just falls apart when you have to wait on another person- Futhermore, MCG the Director, dont you have a degree in Family therapy? Why would you let that cry baby behave like that? chicken shit sell out???

  17. first:i met him in french premiere of “batman begins”several years ago.He was in love with his wife.Nolan said me CB was nice,extremist,professional and easy to work!
    Two:always,several years ago,in France i went on set “a good year” by Ridley Scott (i knew one of french technicians).My phone rings during a scene and the direction railed against me with the same words(some F-ck)so i went out!
    I love cinema,i know people working in french cinema and i know some rumors or gossips about actors(US or french) so all i can say is not the first or the last to nervy on work with or not reason!

  18. I think fighting is wrong between family!

  19. I think each person has to keep there hands to themselves and no matter how much the other person hurts your feelings it is better to listen and learn and walk away!

  20. Some people hurt you! Because you hurt there feelings and they simply don’t like what you said to them. But it is better to walk away….Then have to go to jail for hitting some one….But if they hit you it is better to have them go to jail and press charges…So they know in the future to keep there hands to themselves.

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