This is a sweet little family photo. “Shear Genius” host Camila Alves just adopted a cat for her son Levi Alves Mcconaughey, who is turning into quite a personality. Fortunately they got an adult cat that can fend for itself. Matthew was with them – he’s just not in this frame.


  1. She said “We should get a pussy”, and Matthew was washed, dressed and in the car in ten seconds flat.

  2. please.
    be sure to let us all know when this thing takes its first crap in its new home…….jesus. who cares??

  3. Cat lovers will hate me, but I can’t stand cats. It’s been said that you don’t own a cat, but the cat owns you. I read in one of the rag mags that a lady was scratched by her pet cat, acquired cat fever, and was sick and weak for one year. Matthew is as dumb as he looks, and his mistress is like a wild feral cat with no morals. BTW, her strict parents are still very upse that there has been no wedding, even after 2 kids.

  4. Indy, as a cat-lover and dog-hater, I can understand where you are coming from. I always say cats and dogs are NOT pets – a dog is an accessory and a cat is a roommate.

  5. Cats rule! I wish Matthew would marry his girlfriend. I can’t understand men who have children with a woman, but won’t marry her.

  6. Why don’t they have a cat carrier for this poor thing, so he doesn’t run away before they even get him homw!

  7. Good point TJF. Once in the car, they probably gave the kid the cat to hold. It got spooked and scratched the hell out of the kid, and then there was a big to do – trying to catch the damn thing, get it calm and get in home safely. As a result the kid will hate the cat, and the cat will be forever skitish. Happens daily. SCHTUPID!

  8. I am so happy that Matthew Mcconaughey has a family and his son looks just like him and Cats are Cute and sweet and can really take care of themselves well.

  9. He has an Beautiful woman, Who is the mother of his children…It has to be nice having a family to come home to and know a little meaw, meaw cat to look at as well and what makes it nice to have a cat is that every one can share it together.

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