We‘ve been picturing Today Show host Matt Lauer tomcatting all over Cannes since the Enquirer announced he split and moved out on his wife two months ago. But maybe not. Matt’s mother in law in the Netherlands told the magazine about the split but didn’t say what caused it. Another source insisted Matt was caught cheating while covering the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It all sounds plausible, but Matt insists the story is 100% WRONG and he has never moved out of their apartment. Time will tell, and Matt’s bosses at NBC hope he keeps his marriage intact to maintain his image with female viewers.

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  1. this is why you must hate mother in laws, folks!!

  2. Hey where’s there’s smoke, there is fire, and the mother in law must have gotten the info from someone…her DAUGHTER. If her daughter doesn’t want her mother to say anything…don’t tell her anything. Matt’s wife is crazy…she probably set this whole thing up to have NBC execs tell him to move back home. She previously used an eating disorder to control him.

  3. How many times as in the past has he been referred to as ‘the hunk’. If a large nose and bald head and cheating make you a hunk, I guess that’s what you are.

    I also think his old lady is crazy. She has said he travels too much and away too much. Maybe she shouldn’t have had kids so she could travel with him (on his job). The eating disorder was also a ploy to whip him back into her mold. I think they have been on the skids many times and will happen again, since he still thinks he is God’s gift to the female. Before and right up until he married her, he was a hound dog.

  4. It’s been reported the wife has a volatile temper, and there’s Matt always smiling and engaging. That must burn her ass!

  5. He seems like the most arrogant prick ever. I totally believe the cheating rumors.

  6. Palermo: I also believe he is a cheater; once a cheater pretty much always a cheater, plus he is so obviously stuck on himself and I’m sure looks in the mirror all the time.

    I’m going out on a limb here: I think Matt and Ann Curry have the hots for each other. She always is rubbing his arm and standing close to him. BTW, have you ever notice how Ann wrinkles up her chin into a 1000 wrinkles after almost every sentence. I hope Annette catches old baldy in the throes of an affair and cuts IT OFF. IT OFF.

  7. PS: I promise I remember vividly this from long ago: About 2 or 3 months before he got married, he went in to some exclusive restaurant with a hot blonde on his arm and 3 or 4 friends. He was loud and demanding when told he had to wait 15 mintues or so for a table. Then he threw a tantrum when he did not get the table he wanted. There were pics. I can’t stand the sh**head.

  8. Another PS: He always has that smirking look on his face, like..”Oh I am so good looking and you should be honored to be in my presence.”

  9. When I was a kid, I had a Mr. Potato Head that strongly resembled Matt Lauer. All he needs to do is add the big black-frame glasses – and voila – instant Mr. Potato Head!

    What a loser. Hey Matt’s wife – get the hell out now! Who knows what diseases he’s bringing home to you.

  10. He’s a sneak cheat, creep and jerk but wifey likes money and the good life. Mother knows the whole truth of it and is thinking the best for her daughter.

  11. He has a snotty, better-than-thou attitude; it just comes thru. I hope she hires a private dick to tail him and they catch him with his pants down.

  12. I thought he was GAY.

    Where the picture of his wife, that’ll tell the whole story if he’s making the rounds with other women.

  13. I’ve heard these rumours before about Matt. and if your mother in law is the one who’s doing the talking, you kinda haveta assume there’s something to it.

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