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New York cops are NO Longer planning to question Mary-Kate Olsen about her involvement in the death of Heath Ledger and we think this is why: Mary Kate’s gaggle of high priced lawyers started emailing threatening messages to newspapers covering the tragedy shortly after Heath was found dead. Her lawyer threatened that if any reporter were to write anything false or defamatory about Mary-Kate in connection with Heath Ledger’s death – that the reporter and the newspaper would be sued. It raises the question, were the police pressured by her legal pit bulls the same way? We may never know what happened in those nine minutes between the unlicensed masseuse’s first peculiar call to Mary-Kate and the arrival of paramedics. There must be a lot Mary-Kate doesn’t want us to know.


  1. That lil humpback junkie devil imp was his drug/fcuk buddy. If I were her people I’d have her take a six month vacation!!

  2. It is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that Mary Kate Olsen could be implicated or attached to HL’s death; she was after all, 3000 miles away in California when the calls were placed to her by the “masseuse.”
    A witness has come forward (he’s a New York chef and a neighbor of Heath’s) to claim that MK Olsen’s security team had accessed the apartment BEFORE the paramedics arrived for several minutes; the implication is that the hired guns were sweeping the room for anything that might reflect negatively on their client, MK.
    And THAT is why her lawyers are taking a preemptive strike at damage control: they have the interests of a wealthy client whose value in the marketplace would presumably take a hit if the truth were widely known about her drug use.
    It’s likely that Heath Ledger was dead by the time the “masseuse” arrived, but as she was not licensed in that capacity, and evidently has not received the standard required training, she had to be directed over the phone by the 911 operator in her attempts to resuscitate Ledger.
    The truth, as the saying goes, will out.
    At the very least, the image of Mary Kate Olsen as some sort of role model and marketing icon will be significantly tarnished.

  3. Hopefully this is a wake up call to Mary-Kate Olsen.
    She needs to go to rehab and get herself clean or she could possibly be heading for an untimely , tragic death as her friend Heath.
    Why all the drugs? These people have everything that life has to offer at their fingertips. It’s tragic!

  4. “They have the interests of a wealthy client whose value in the marketplace would presumably take a hit if the truth were widely known about her drug use.”
    That’s already happened, the Olsen image is going to be forever tarnished after this incident.
    People want answers and they want someone to blame, so Mary Kate Olsen and her dealer will have to do for now.
    the NYPD might be satisfied with the results of their investigation, but for everyone else, there is no logical reason why the massage therapist called Mary Kate Olsen (of all people!!) before dialing 911.
    Calling an Olsen in the depths of a terrible emergency is an almost laughable concept.
    MKO was the number one person on Heath Ledger’s speed dial?
    MKO was listed before the mother of his child?
    Before his parents?
    Why wouldn’t the therapist call Heath’s parents first if she was too shocked to dial 911?
    The massage therapist sounds like a dealer who knew of MKO as a client.
    And the massage therapist didn’t call MK once or twice, she dialed MKO four times before she thought to call 911.
    It doesn’t sound right.
    And the toxicology report of Heath Ledger’s death will be available soon, you can expect more difficult questions for those two women.

  5. Mary-Kate is a junkie. Common knowledge in that circle. She can pretend all she wants but it’s gonna come out.

  6. Anyone who is a multi-millionaire like Mary-Kate and ruins their life gets no sympathy here. She is a pitiful mess, changes boyfriends constantly, still an obvious dope-head, and slogs around in fugly outfits. Lock her up in the same room in a mental ward with Britney; maybe two gutter trash can psycho-analyze each other.

  7. 5:33pm, if MKO is a junkie she deserves sympathy too and a 21 year old girl is allowed to date as often as she likes and she SHOULD date often.
    But if it comes to light MKO and that massage therapist sought to cover up an unpleasant situation before contacting paramedics for her friend Heath Ledger in a time of his need, she can only expect a lifetime of recrimination.
    It certainly looks as if they did not do the right thing in this situation.
    My suggestion? The Olsen’s ought to take their 1/2 billion fortune and buy a private island to retire to.

  8. I didn’t want to believe he had a drug problem, however, if the tests come back and reveal a drug overdose I sincerely hope the cops investigate the “massage therapist” and the MKO connection. I highly doubt she was “dating” him. I agree with Art Chic and the others.

  9. In a criminal investigation, the lawyers don’t intimidate the police, it’s the other way around. Somebody swept the apartment. But they missed the rolled up $20 bill.

  10. It’s probable that Ledger was already deceased long before the ‘masseuse’ arrived.
    The MKO calling thing is certainly weird, but perhaps ultimately besides the point. Though I can’t imagine anyone not knowing to call 911 when someone is found unconscious. I mean, even if you don’t know CPR you know to call 911!
    However, if there are drugs involved, remember that Ledger was an adult, this was his apt, and no one forced him to take any drug, legal or illegal. It was all his choice.
    I’ve never understood the appeal of drugs. How Tragic.

  11. As correctly noted above, the police would never be intimidated by lawyers in the course of an investigation. IF it is correct (as mentioned above)that a neighbor of Heaths claims that MKO’s security team arrived (and then left the apartment) BEFORE paramedics then the police will have reason to suspect that evidence of a crime scene may have been tampered with (in the initial hours the apartment would have been treated as a “crime scene” ) This would be considered obstruction of justice (a serious offense). Under these circumstances I would be surprised if the police do not interogate MKO (it matters little that she was in LA at the time).

  12. “The masseuse called MKO security because she knew he was a licensed EMT”. What a crock of sh.t. She should have called 911, bottom line.

  13. and oh yes.
    the massage therapist used Heath Ledger’s phone to make these phone calls.
    She did not use the house phone, she did not use her cell phone.
    It’s all very odd.

  14. Please Janet, the police are not intimidated by lawyers. One important thing to note here is the public will never learn the results of the toxicology test. These results are private and I’m sure they will never see the light of day. Reports are already circulating that Ledger was already dead when the maid ‘heard him snoring’ at 1 p.m. and that he likely died of ‘natural causes’. The public will never know the truth from herein. M.K.’s statement to the media was curt, short and sweet and you will never hear another peep out of her people about this. A great way to handle it. This story will just ‘go away’ in about 15 minutes due to the lack of any new info. Mark my words.

  15. See 5:33 PM. from me, Bathsheba. I would, please, like to make a few changes in my post. First, I stand by my comment of she should get no sympathy…Come on..untold millions with which you could do a world of good for the poor and hurting and still have untold luxuries for yourself…and you f*** it all away snorting and drugging. It is, however, OK for her to date being so I take this part back about she should not have so many boyfriends. Altho, I am sure all would agree that the ones she dates are skaggy ho-mongers and are mostly using her. Also,I should not have called her gutter trash, but should have vowed to pray for her and the equally sick Britney. Please forgive the length of this: I am sorry.

  16. “untold millions with which you could do a world of good for the poor and hurting and still have untold luxuries for yourself…and you f*** it all away snorting and drugging.”
    addiction is a serious problem, some people describe addiction as an illness.
    poor people, middle class people and the super wealthy elites have problems with drugs and alcohol.

  17. The little imp junkie certainly has her legal goons at work.
    Notice that other gossip websites aren’t willing to question why MKO was called instead of the 911?
    Common sense tells you to call 911…UNLESS you have something to hide…THEN speed dial MKO!!!
    She knew not to use her own phone to call Heath’s home. Cops would question why she was calling repeatedly when there was dead body present.
    The poor housekeeper has convinced herself that he was snoring. No one wants to be criticized that they were busy cleaning while someone in the next room was dead. Hey, maybe this move was also based on MKO’s “advice”.
    Wake up Mary Kate, you need help.

  18. For the maid & ‘masseuse’s’ sakes I hope H.L. was already dead. It sickens me that he may have been alive and might have been able to be saved had 911 been called immediately. It’s much kinder for me to believe/hope that he was already long deceased and that no one could have done anything for him. It’s still a tragedy of immeasurable proportions to lose a young man in his prime, with a young daughter, and many people who cared about him. But even more tragic/heartbreaking, if possible, to imagine that he might have been saved had the 2 humans present been more observant. No…I cannot let my mind go there. Too painful to contemplate. R.I.P. Heath Ledger. You were a fine, fine talent.

  19. Ohhh if is to be believed, Heath’s body was still ‘warm to the touch’ at the time paramedics got there. That means he had expired very soon before they arrived…less than an hour. And if that is true, it means he might have still been alive at the exact time the masseuse showed up. Perhaps it still would have been too late for him, but if true, this is all just too awful.

  20. So it seems the ‘masseuse’was delivering drugs on behalf of MK Olsen. She had to phone MK, so the security guys could clean up the house, leaving a dead naked man rotting on the floor. Very interested to hear what MK has to say.

  21. Who would risk waking a sleeping person (whose extreme insomnia issue is well-known), in order to “change a lightbulb” in the middle of the day?
    Highly suspect, to say the least.
    But it does serve the purpose to establish that a dead man was still breathing at 1 pm.
    Did it really happen? Seems doubtful.
    But the behavior of the message therapist, whose cover occupation was so quickly uncovered as false, is the smoking gun here.
    When actor John Belushi died of a drug overdose many years ago, a drug buddy who was with him at the time

  22. shes either a dealer or a delivery person, but she is not a massage therapist.
    that much is known.
    I would hate to 40 years of age and still not have enough common sense to dial 911 in an emergency!

  23. “if is to be believed, Heath’s body was still ‘warm to the touch’ at the time paramedics got there. That means he had expired very soon before they arrived…less than an hour. And if that is true, it means he might have still been alive at the exact time the masseuse showed up.”
    That bit of info is merely gruesome speculation on Page6’s part, I would not take this item seriously.
    The final autopsy and toxicology results will not be available for several weeks, all will be revealed at that point.
    It seems that Heath Ledger was dead before those phone calls were made but this sill does not explain why those two women did not decide to call 911 right away, their behavior was suspicious to say the least.
    There was at least 4 phone calls made between MKO and the massage therapist BEFORE 911 was called.
    MKO described Heath Ledger as a friend in her statement to the press.
    If a friend of mine was passed out and dying I certainly hope I have the sense to call 911 right away.

  24. Janet, I think there was a blind item in here a little while back …. about heath and mary kate.
    what was it? anyone remember?

  25. lulu, go to main page and scroll down several items….keep going and there are two more articles about them. Hope this is what you meant.

  26. she is a drug addict. Known to have a life coach to get her away from drugs. She was spotted dancing at a nightclub two days after his death. Enough said.

  27. Mary-Kate, you are litterally a dirty little coke-whore. The world will find out more details about you.
    The only thing you should be scared of is Karma, and not the media exposing your lifestyle and character.

  28. I saw 2 recent pics of M-K. She was hunkered down on the streets of NY and smoking something. Her hair was dirty and uncombed and she had on about 5 layers of grungy clothes. A multi-millionaire at age 21…and so it goes.

  29. Thank you! It’s about time someone has the nerve to question MKO and the ridiculous chain of events! I have been convinced from the start that the maid lied about Heath snoring and that the masseuse is a dealer. This is the only possible explanation for the circus that transpired before 911 was called. Furthermore, since the press hold so little sacred with celebrities anyway – it’s time to start outing all these pop culture “stars” and stop blaming eating disorders, stress, “just growing up” and exhaustion for their emaciated bodies (Lindsay, Nicole, etc., etc.) There is only one way to lose weight like they do in Hollywood – hardcore drug abuse!

  30. @Grace (((broken record)))

  31. Mary Kate,
    Next time, tell the caller “Lady, are you crazy? Hang up the phone and call 911!
    Or, better yet, call 911 yourself and say “there are two bright minds at Heath’s that don’t know to call 911”.
    Oh, wait a minute, multimillionaire cokeheads don’t think like the rest of us. Sorry.

  32. I am still sad about Heaths untimely passing; he played many amazingly talented roles in life, some he shared with all of us. Getting into character, trying to maintain a private family life and a sense of self must be very challenging, so of course some leeway should be allowed, but not to the point of death. That being said, MKO, her handlers, the masseuse, housekeeper, and anyone else who was privy should all be grilled about what happened with Heath, just like anyone else would be. Glorifying hardcore drug abuse is wrong and so is not calling 911 immediately when you find a person who is not responsive, might be in real distress, especially if they are already sick, dying or already dead. Someone please tell me this tragedy is not about big $$$ sweeping everything hypocritical in lala land under the rug; I hope it will bear out respect, cherishing what is beloved and alive, and cleaning up what needs to be cleaned up, before the mess happens, not after. People need to keep shining a truthful light for each other, in many obvious and loving ways Heath tried to do so in his lifetime, even as he found it hard for himself. His family and friends, and all of us, might live a better life for it.

  33. Well, tox. reports are final. quess what? He died of……..wait for it!…….an ‘accidental; Overdose of PRESCRIPTION drugs (of course)
    Case closed – dead and cremated, no inquiries, no questions.
    MK has done well! She must have paid out a fair bit. Not a further word from the ‘masseuse’, no more mention of the entire incident. All done and dusted. Finito! Kaput! It’s like he never existed. Totally negated, just so another little crack freak can continue to go out ‘clubbing’ like she did 2 days after he, her ‘friend’, was found dead…..funny, that!

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