GQ has come out with it’s Worst Dressed list and David Arquette is NOT at the top – the winner is Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg. He may be a tech genius but Mark still dresses like he’s on campus rushing to Biology class. We’ve never seen him in a suit – his classic attire is baggy jeans, a hoodie, and flip flops or Nike slides – worn with socks in the winter! GQ allows that nerds run the world, but their style begins and ends at The Gap.


  1. He’s like the Hugh Hefner of tech world. Could be worse, could paint his toe nails.

  2. Regardless of how much money he has, I think it’s great that he remains(at least on the outside) true to himself. Most people think money gives them class, style and brains. They just look like overdressed knuckleheads.

  3. The guy seems to have his head on straight. Although, if he starts bottling his urine, we’ll have to move him to the Howard Hughes Hospital wing. 🙂 lol

  4. I’m with you Denise. He is probably just devastated by this article. He is probably at home crying into his stacks and stacks of money at this very moment. NOT!

    Mark Zuckerberg is Probably one of the most humble people in the world. With Facebook money, he can afford to be I guess. Who knows, maybe someday he will buy the GQ conglomerate. Probably not though, only shallow, anal, wanna be’s would want to be associated with this rubbish.

  5. He’s about 27 now and it will take him until about 35 to gain a more manly look.

  6. ………….HE IS STILL PART OF THE CAMPUS, folks.
    (please remember this)

  7. The “shoes” that Mark most famously wears are Adidas, not Nike.

  8. I like him, it appears he’s stayed true to himself even though he’s worth a billion trillion gazillion dollars… he bought just a regular home, not some pretentious mansion, in the Silicon Valley… so I agree with Denise. And Janet, I did see him wear a suit once: when he met President Obama recently… ok, so it was a blazer and tie, but President Obama joked about it, something like he was the one that got Mark to wear a tie? Then he said they should take off their jackets, so they did… lol

  9. I love his shoes! I have a pair in pink. It’s like walking on air. I wear the type that has little soft spikes throughout the inside base of the shoe, which massage my feet all day.

  10. Casonia Sade Logenberry and Hells kitchen Elisa your doing a great job on things you want to do but you suck on Italian food and you should had rocked it out and made yourself look even better! Taking on something you had no passion for but...You are stro says:

    This remarkable man has money and can get any make over in the world and…He is smart and on top of the world and young…I am Proud of what…He has done with his life and…He has changed the world as we know it forever and ever. No matter what he puts on his back..Should not matter but know…He can have his cloths created for him or he can do what every one in the world does and that is shopping. But only time will tell! He looks happy and at ease.

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    plese don’t read what i write because it does not make any sense and i don’t know why but i think it is the voices and not really me

  12. Don’t forget Janet, he most definitely doesn’t read your blog either….

  13. Why should he dress up if he don’t want to? Sounds like a bunch of cry babies.

  14. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Is Elisa on Hells kitchen getting Buttered up to be next on the chopping block and...I don't like her and something gives me the creeps about her and her personality really stinks but she is great on making food that she enjoys.. says:

    This man has millions and he can get nice cloths and of course when your supper rich! Most people want you to dress to kill and to really rock it out on the clothing line and fashion and care and most of all…What other people think and I think that he cares but..He was a person…Before the money and he looks relaxed and just kicking back and chilling for the time being.

  15. Casonia Logenberry... People on Hells kitchen on Hells kitchen by not cooking it right from the start and this fools can look at the cook books all day long and gather a better understanding on the food! Right. Learn Fools Learn everything.So you can stay says:

    This man is a million air and fashion is next on his list but he is not really cute or some one would go crazy spending time with him and..He looks like a normal Joe and friendly and not a Hunk or really like eye candy and…I am sure he is nice and kind but pushy and aggressive but..He looks like the guy next door.

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