When we see Mark Wahlberg in this advanced state of overdeveloped muscularity, with the usual angry look on his face, he scares us. (Try to find a photo of him NOT scowling.) We can only imagine that he is stoked with bulk increasing drugs like steriods and always struggling to control his temper. The movie characters he chooses to play seem decent but insensitive and absurdly macho. He talks a lot about how religious he is, but it doesn’t appear to affect his demeanor. Being a tough guy seems like the most important thing to him and he appears to have a chip on his shoulder instead of gratitude for his success. Andy Samberg’s SNL impersonation was dead-on.



  1. Wow, Janet! Quite an opinion you have from judging just one stupid photo! Relax, girl – we’ve all taken photos where we may not have the most pleasant look on our face, but it doesn’t mean we’re assholes.

  2. I think the fact that there is a creeping Tom photographing him while he is in private, is probably a good enough reason for his “angry look”?

    Because he works out, he’s a tough guy with a chip on his shoulder? Hmm, interesting assumption!

  3. Oh, you don’t like him – gotcha. Talk about demeanor – pot meet kettle.

  4. Btw he looks like a fat Asian pig in this movie, but I find him to be a normal guy that made the best of the career Hollywood wanted to give him.

    He’s a decent enough actor and his movies don’t usually tank.

  5. I just saw a show that featured his backyard, it was gorgeous and contained a several million dollar gym complete with a full sized boxing ring. I don’t think he’s on steroids, they said he works out constantly, so he’s earned those muscles.

  6. He is a better dad and hubby than most celeb dads and a great actor, if only they gave him better roles and didn’t hold his faith against him.

  7. Hollyweird is full of people with no apparent gratitude or appreciation for their success. I don’t know about him, though.

  8. Roids. DUH how dumb are you people?? You take a round, work out get ‘swole’.

    Save your naive shit. It’s HOLLYWOOD their face/body is their fortune they do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make that money! Taking roids for a few months is small potatoes!

  9. I think its fairly common knowledge in Hollywood that Mark Wahlberg is NOT a nice guy, never has been, never will be. He grew up in a VERY tough neighborhood in south Boston…like the saying goes, you can take the guy out of the ‘hood, but you can’t take the ‘hood out of the guy. He ALWAYS looks so miserable, but, with his money and family, you’d think he would be smiling wouldn’t you?

  10. can’t stand the guy or his movies.
    Mary Mark is a very fucking lucky guy who has no reason to scowl.
    What is HE mad about?
    He is a fucking below average looking chimp who lucked out in all his careers.
    can’t act, can’t rap, can’t even LOOK good and yet he’s an actor, a former “rapper” and a former model!

  11. I have paid to see only two films Mary Mark has appeared in: Planet of the Apes ( he looks like a chimp) and “The Departed”.
    Planet of the Apes was a disappointment ( not one of Tim Burton’s bests) and Wahlblechhh has a very small, inconsequential role in the Departed.
    I have seen Boogie Nights and it is a great film IN SPITE of him.

  12. “anonTWO”, you are sadly mistaken. “Boogie Nights” is “a great film” because of Mark Wahlberg portraying “Dirk D”!!

    Yay, Dirk!!

  13. Marky Mark got arrested multiple times even as a juvenile for beating up non-white people because they were not white (Does anyone remember if he ever served time for any of them?) He feels no remorse for having done so, but has learned to shut up about it. He has, and has always had, an attitude and temper problem.

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