Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell terrier named Jack has been her constant companion for the past few years and she doesn’t want him to feel rejected when her babies arrive. To make sure Jack is well adjusted, she hired a canine behavioral specialist to help Jack adjust to the babies’ arrival and she’s taking part in the sessions also. She wants to be a responsible pet owner as well as a responsible parent, and we love her for that.


  1. Glad to hear she is thoughtful to her pets. I’m a dog lover and turn to goo when I get to hold a puppy…or kitten …or little turtle … furry bunny….

  2. This woman needs psychiatric attention. She is less sane than Chuck Sheen in my humble opinion,

  3. Way to go Mariah!! Glad to see some of these celebrities take their pets seriously. Unlike some others(Paris Hilton to be exact)who “care” for their pets, when pets are the latest fad.

    Nick & Mariah are going to be awesome parents.

  4. That’s great to read. I figured she’d be done with the dog(s) when she had children. My opinion of her just rose.

    And the person who thinks she’s nuts? BLOOEY!!

  5. Jack Russells, and terriers in general are known for being very busy, hyper, demanding, and even jealous, but I guess most other dog breeds could be called that too under the right circumstances. That being said, terriers are my favorite dogs, I am an “addict” to them and will probably never have anything else. But I have no babies either. A Yorkie I wouldn’t worry about, but you have to consider the traits this breed has had bred into it for decades and decades as a hunting dog, and to be tenacious in going after the hunt. As in most hunting dogs. Terrier litterally means “go to earth.” So they are a digging dog, a dog used for going after animals in the ground. Left around small babies, well, I would NEVER turn my back on one around a baby. There are too many horror stories of babies hurt or killed by family pets. I admire her for doing the right thing, and loving him enough to do some research and hire a professional, rather than get rid of her pet as some people do when a baby comes home.

  6. DROWN THE DOG is the last option.

  7. A good and intelligent decision on her part. When we first brought our children home we followed advice on this issue and our dog became like a big brother, always watching over them until the day he passed away. I also know some who got rid of their dogs as too bothersome.

  8. That’s not Jack, or rather that’s not the original Jack she replaced him years ago

  9. i bet that dog is a republican.

    give me a pit bull any day of the week.
    i baby sat my friend Leon’s JRT one holiday evening so he and my other friend Terry could go to SF to party their butts off.

    i was recovering from Brst.Can. surgery with a wrapped up chest. Leon is lucky what’s his name was alive the next day. At one point in the evening he took a running leap at me, landed on my chest then flew off into space….he thought I was a tramp(oline) i guess

    if you could train JRT’s to clean houses THEN I might get one…. they are Redoglicans on Crystal Meth.

    then, I am sure this is just MY experience.


  10. Pit Bull Lover, you are not alone, JRT’s are hyper. My friend’s JRT will climb up on me and sit on my chest to get up close and personal. It would not be funny or comfortable after having surgery.

  11. Reta, you are correct about Jack’s they don’t like baby competition and can be vengeful.
    My mommy brought her brought her old Yorkie girl over for birthday dinner last night and we had to hide her from my little cockapoo rapist, Skooter.
    I,m after Pippa now.
    A more suitable target.
    You have a heart Reta. And common dog sense. Tuesdays child.
    She doesn’t seem to have a heart or a “brain” for that matter.
    Let’s tag team her.

  12. Patrick, I was actually born on Wednesday. Yes, I DO have a heart, and TONS of common sense having worked all my life with the public, AND owned my own business. I’ve been on both sides and have had to work with some pretty crazy people that challenged me to NOT kill them daily.

    What I’m NOT for sure is a racist, or homophobe. And I’ve fought some pretty incredible fights in my day over equality rights. The third “crazy” that gets to me, as you must have noticed is organised religion(s). They are ALL dangerous, worldly destructive and always have been. Voodoo plain and simple. Don’t care who they follow, it’s all joo-joo-bee to me. And yes, I’m gladly going to hell!

  13. Patrick, have you noticed that Gerard Vandenburg has changed his name again? He’s now “The American” which is very funny considering what a numskull he is about Americans. Truly one of the most brain dead individuals to ever learn to type with the tip of his pointed skull. Funny how he always thinks he can hide his identity, but is so stupid and obvious, his very first post becomes known under his “new moniker” with lightning speed. If we cut his head open, we’d find jello and spagetti for brains.

  14. Okay Reta You told me you were eight years older than me and mar. 24. Google told me that was a tues. I told you I was born in 61 and you said you were eight years older.
    Crazy people at work and bloody thoughts go hand in hand.
    I actually dispense meds in my present job. I have no time for intolerant people and hate all organized religion. They all divide. Yhey all sell fear of death.
    Hell will be comfortable, it’s warm and all my friends will be there. I will miss mommy though.
    Gerard is unique for sure and predictable. Haven’t seen Uncle Bill for a while. I thought Bill was Strom’s alter ego.

  15. Reta, RE your second from the bottom comment: …”And yes, I am gladly going to hell”!.

    Wow, pretty powerful, but notice I am not saying a DAMNED thing. That’s your business.

  16. casonia sade logenberry..Hells kitchen hope that elisa gets the boot? Jennifer keep up the good work and who else is weak! Poor Tommy speak up sexy man or your butt is gone! Everything is coming to a head! says:

    You can always have that talk with the dog and allow him to know the little babies and the kids are going to love the dog as well and also protect each other and that is so sweet to think about every one and everything.

  17. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen Elisa claims that she never makes the same mistake twice? She is Rude and ungrateful and disrespectful and rude and has a real smart ass mouth and..Hope she is kicked off Hells kitchen soon. says:

    Doggies are so used to having you say you love them and they want you to hold them all the time and with Babies around attention is going to be removed from him but Mariah you are so thoughful and kind and warm and well wishs to you and your family and take good care of yourself little mother and happy that you have a family and some one other then Jack to love!

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