Here’s a little known fact: A patron of The Abbey – possibly the biggest and most popular gay bar in West Hollywood – informed us that the Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa was a bartender there for YEARS before he hit it big. Apparently his charm and hunk factor garnered lots of big tips. But as soon as his commercial came out, he quit and never looked back, and the boys miss him. By the way, he and Kathy Griffin aren’t really dating….



  1. This type of filth is endemic in America.

  2. Kathy Griffen is America’s second fag hag after Margaret Cho can’t get him! She’s on the L List now.

  3. Janet, so shocked and disappointed in you with this “story.” What’s the POINT? The man had a JOB. It really doesn’t mean a thing. I think lately you’ve been sort of secretly “outing” people and I don’t get it.
    The guy is FABULOUS in his commercials. And they are perfectly put together to a “T”, smooth, catchy, and memorable. Why would you try to cause damage to his reputation with something like this, knowing the homophobes will attack in droves?! And it looks like we have a brand new one above in the first post by Gemma.

    I ask you Gemma: exactly WHAT FILTH are referring to? The post simply refers to the man’s previous job. A lot of actors take waitstaff jobs while they are trying to break into the entertainment business. They can go to auditions and things like that easier with that kind of job. For Christssake leave the man alone and let him WORK!

  4. He is good in commercials but he goes with the ex football player friend of his

  5. Nobody cares if he is gay, he is good looking and his commercials are a big hit. Kathy Griffin on the other hand … not funny in the slightest and really and truly desperate acting at all times

  6. Look at him.
    Look at me.
    Look at him.
    Now look at me.
    Great commercials.
    Who cares Gemma. Live and let live!
    You just made No.1 on my list, judgemental bitch.
    Get ready.

  7. why is it lovely lasbians won’t need this GAY-SHIT!!

  8. Everybody seems so touchy this week! Anyway, I doubt the truthfulness of this story only because Mustafa made plenty of dough in the NFL and I just can’t see him needing money bad enough to tend bar at The Abbey or anywhere else.

  9. I’d love to have a go at feeling him up for a while and I don’t frankly give a shit if he’s gay and don’t know why anybody else would. He’s an ACTOR. he’s doing a JOB he’s paid to protray, knuckleheads! He sure makes ME forget that my DAD used to wear Old Spice. My DAD never had abs like THAT!

  10. Give us a break…he is one more major fag and wasnt he the one who was pumping Travolta? His job allows him a chance to cop much new meat and increase the chances of AIDS!

  11. All bartenders at The Abbey are straight. It’s a rule.

  12. strom, hiding behind the safety of the computer, you are the lowest of the low lowlives to say a man has AIDS who you know NOTHING about. You are truly dangerous and slanderous and if you weren’t hidden by your computer he could sue the fuckin shit out of your ass and I’d be right there in the front row of the courtroom bursting into applause when he wins. You are beyond reprehensible and why Janet allows you to spew your shit on her site and pollute like you do with your filthy hatred I don’t understand. But you need to GO DOWN and I don’t mean a BLOW JOB!

  13. Half of the bartenders at The Abbey really are straight, unfortunately.

    Meanwhile, I thought he looked familiar!

  14. To RHC in FLA: Kathy Griffin and Tom Vize had some sort of undisclosed falling out (according to her rabid fans on her website). He hasn’t worked for her (or under her?) for a long time now.

  15. Casonia...Hells kitchen Paul is nice and can really cook and so can Will but Tommy needs to speak up in order to Win and Elisa is going to drive those men crazy with her company...She is mean and disliked and hope and pray she is next on the chopping bloc says:

    Looks like he is having fun and at the same time doing a really good amazing incredible job. Good luck to your future and wish you well.

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