Madonna looks exhausted at JFK upon returning from a long European vacation. She’s wearing comfy black fur slippers and a big blue scarf to hide behind. Her kids Rocco, David, and Mercy are right behind her. Lourdes returned early because she’s starting college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and she has to get settled. She’s studying music, theater, and dance, and Lourdes is bound to have some fun times there. It’s good for her to get out of New York.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. And once again Madge is wearing a terrible outfit. Would it kill her to wear a nice pair of jeans (that fit) and a normal top?

  2. She must be exhausted, she forgot to shave her feet. Whatta hell hag.

  3. Say what you will…but all her kids seem very well adjusted and well mannered. She’s doing something right!

  4. Really? The kids are right behind her? Then one of them must be at least 40 years old!

  5. She’s a loving mummy, that’s for sure. Madge has it all, the fabulous career, money and companionship and a wonderful family. How many stars of her magnitude have that kind of success?

  6. Great school. Madonna was able to encourage her daughter to get an excellent down-to-earth education from her hometown state.

  7. isn’t that the kid she bought from Africa that wasn’t an orphan?

  8. I hope that the boy she adopted stays in touch with his father somehow! I read that the mother had died and the father couldn’t care for him.

  9. Gee, that sort of looks like Deborah Harry. As, doesn’t Madonna like live at the gym and has that sporty look going on. This lady looks like she just got off the Greyhound Bus as look at the folks behind her. Is that the LA look now days ? Like something off the rack from Goodwill.

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