Michael Jackson’s exwife (and the mother of two of his children) Debbie Rowe is in Brazil with Michael’s former “videographer,” Marc Shaffel, who now happens to be her fiancée. Marc was previously in the adult film business. Marc and Debbie are co-managing an up and coming young singer they discovered from Belgium, Ian Thomas, 17. They’re hoping Ian will turn out to be another Justin Bieber. It IS odd that Debbie is now in the management business…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Interesting that Janet glances over what type of adult movies this guy directed and produced. It fits in perfectly with Michael and why Michael was so tight with him and had him as the official videographer at Wonderland. Two pedos in a pod.

  2. Is Marc lusting after Debbie’s super hot body? or after her connection (any money too?) from Michael Jackson and his kids?

  3. Last thing the world needs is another Justin Idiot. Run Ian run.

  4. Is it odd? I don’t know what kind of jobs she had in the past.

  5. That Boi looks like he just smelled cookies. Wink wink….

  6. Given that she was a receptionist at a dermetologist’s office when she first met Michael, agreeing to carry “his children” was probably the smartest move she ever made. And losing some of that weight needs to be a priority, not for looks, but for health reasons.

  7. People with that kind of weight end up very soon with knee surgery and hip surgery. Both take a long time to heal. Not to mention all the fat encasing the heart and other organs.

  8. namers, that comment you posted might be true but it’s also true you girls who purge after every meal are not happy either.

    at my gym, there are a few gals who stay on the elliptical and treadmill machines for hours.
    one wears her hair in a ponytail and you can count the strands of hair on her head.

    (she is losing her hair as she struggles with an obvious ED.)

    thin is not healthy nor happy nor beautiful.

    thin is thin and fat is fat.

    it wasnt too long ago when thin girls were snarked on for being unattractive, while curvy girls with big boobs and big hips got all the play.

    times and tastes change.
    thin is considered attractive but it has NOTHING to do with health.

  9. Michael Jackson’s world was quite small.

    his “friends” were his doctors and the doctors assistants.

    by luck, his friends were white.

    michael did not want to make any black babies, he did not want to be black.

    Miss Rowe is the surrogate mom, but who provided the seed?

    those kids look totally white and are presumably not suffering from vitaligo.

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