PHOTO: V Magazine
Photoshop is certainly the miracle of the decade. Only photoshop could make Madonna, 55, and Katy Perry, 29, look the SAME AGE in this Steven Klein shot for V Magazine. Arianne Phillips did a brilliant job on the 1940’s naughty pinup styling. We especially love the runs in Madonna’s silky black stocking. Madonna often uses a cigarette to give herself a harder edge.

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  1. Hollywood is a tough business and hard on older women. Both look great anyway. I mean look at Cher, she is 67 and still rocking. Rock on girls!

  2. Honey, Madonna doesn’t need a cig to give her a hard edge…it comes naturally to her.

  3. Madonna desperately needs a makeover… This photo just reeks Return to your roots – where one got their start. Let’s hope we don’t see her riding a big ole Harley as she’d be a hoot in a movie riding her bicycle across the country with some over weight comedian. A comedy/low budget movie.

  4. When I view this picture all I can think is pass the barf bag.

  5. Katy Perry is a pig, just for being in a pic with this witchy woman. Katy at age 55 will be worse than Madonna, that is if her system is not already infected with some vile disease she has received from sleeping around. Madonna apparently has built up an immunity from many sex diseases.

  6. I’ve seen Madonna in public, no photoshop, many times with her kids and believe me she looks around 30-35 so she doesn’t need much photoshopping!!

  7. Katy Perry with her upbringing should know better.

  8. Madonna will never be photographed again without gloves

  9. alot of 60+ people aren’t aware of what is possible today………

  10. Was looking at the Harpers Baazar with Madonna on the cover, sharp looking lady for 55. Great looking firm butt… But, this photo is unflattering for her. Wonder why we never see her in some cycling jersey and matching pants? Italian gal, to boot.

  11. Well now, Strom has morphed from Christine India to Romeo and Juliet. Gave up on the (fart) Dawn Davenport?

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