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Madonna’s bewildered young Brazilian model, Jesus Luz, has turned up in New York and she’s been showing him off around town. They shopped and ate in the West Village with David and Lourdes (wonder what SHE thinks.) So far M hasn’t dragged Jesus to the Kabbalah Center (sounds like fun, however) but if he sticks around long enough, he’d better have a white outfit ready.



  1. I didn’t know Madonna had a grandson! Handsome fellow, and so nice of him to take his memaw out.

  2. Loving the fact that most of her shoes are older than this kid.

  3. When Vadge gets tired of him, she should send him over to Cher. She has been without a boytoy for quite a while. I mean, spread the filth around, don’t be selfish.

  4. She’s going to poke her own eye out with those ridiculous cheek implants. They look awful!
    And hey, you guys, don’t be mean to the old, skeezy Vadge–maybe she’s going to adopt Jesus. Weren’t her and Guy arguing about whether to adopt again last year?

  5. Here’s hoping Lourdes runs off with the boytoy. Hopefully, she will act just like madonna did and give the old goat a run for her money!

  6. Not handling MENOPAUSE very well is she.
    She is so “progressive” she probably will be sharing her boy toys with her daughter in the future.

  7. I’m always amazed that Madonna professes to be such a great mom…no tv, healthy diets, but she continues to mess with her kids minds. She’s no better than a Jerry Springer mom who is exposing her children to a new guy every week. All her mothering will have no effect on them…monkey see…monkey do…not what she tells them to do. Although who knows what she’s raising her daughter to think is the proper way to have a relationship.

  8. jesus christ, good lord, UNCERTAINTY RULES IN AMERICA, folks?

  9. It’s the egoist and the male hooker.
    What happened to having kids and making them your priority? Kookie idea eh?

  10. Double standard people. If she were a man and that was a young hooker wife it would be ok? Why are most leading men in films always with leading ladies 25 years younger and that’s ok.

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