Lourdes Leon has a new boyfriend – and he’s not what you’d expect! He’s cute and preppy – kind of the Patrick Schwarzenegger type. In contrast, Lourdes is still fashion forward with her silver hair and nose ring and crop top. We’re thinking this guy goes to the University of Michigan with her because he looks Midwestern. Cute couple.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. I’m very happy for he young couple, the Midwest was a wonderful place for Lola to go to school. She can see what the real world is like.

  2. Can you imagine the unspeakable acts of filth this poor child has witnessed courtesy of her Mother?

  3. I drive through a major campus on my daily commute.
    NO ONE looks like that. Not a whole lot of sophistication anywhere in Michigan. Well, maybe a pocket somewhere.

  4. Interesting, I live in Westwood and live and breathe near ucla and work at USC, a lot of the kids look like either one of these two students at either campus.

  5. Patrick Schwartzenegger is a homo. If I was Lourdes boyfriend I would be offended in being compared to Arnold’s girly man son.

  6. Interesting that Janet the koont didn’t make any comment on how horribly dressed Lourdes is. I guess Janet doesn’t want to offend Madonna. Proves that Janet is not as independent and outspoken as she likes to claim.

  7. Nothing says “trashy” like pajama pants with silver hair and two-inch black roots! But then it should come as no surprise–Madonna sported black roots for years also.

  8. Whatever the fashion, Lourdes is wearing the ultimate clown suit.
    All she needs is a red rubber nose, and a horn.

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