Judy Lewis, the love child of Loretta Young and Clark Gable, has died at the age of 76, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She never knew who her famous parents were until she was 31 years old. Judy was conceived during an affair Loretta and Clark had while costarring in “Call of the Wild” in 1935. Catholic Loretta didn’t want to give up her baby or embarrass the married Gable. She went into hiding and put the baby in an orphanage. Almost two years later she “adopted“ the child. It was a legendary secret always gossiped about in Hollywood. Judy was 31 when her mother told her the truth. In 1994 she wrote a book “Uncommon Knowledge” about the Hollywood cover-up.


  1. born a bastard child, hucked into an orphanage, adopted by her own mother, lied to until the age of 31. thank god for religion and its desire to oppress individuals.
    talk about kharma running over your dogma

  2. Two attractive parents and they had such a beautiful daughter. Loretta Young was a decent actress but there wasn’t anything warm and cuddly about her personality. Still, she wasn’t mean like J. Crawford. There’s always that to be thankful for.

  3. That photo looks like a combination of both of them. It’s sad that she grew up not really knowing her father. Her mother was one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women and it shows in her daughter’s face.

  4. @Tipsy, Joan Crawford was not mean. Mommy Dearest is pure fiction made up by her daughter to trash her name.

  5. First of all, this woman was gorgeous. I think it could have went one of 2 ways, she could have either turned out to be Mutt Ugly because her parents good looks cancelled out each other or Drop Dead Gorgeous. Good thing it was the latter case. Talk about robbing the gene pool!

    Ms. Young really must have been a great, strong person to just walk away from Gable for the sake of his marriage. She really shouldn’t have been involved with a married man but she could have let the world know about the affair and really dishonored Mr. Gable’s wife. She chose to keep it quiet and therefore allowed everyone to save face. Good for her! Mistakes happen.

  6. Dragonfly – Unfortunately, there had been quite a few men and women that knew Crawford and her overbearing and mean ways. I have no idea what percentage of Mommy Dearest is truth or fiction. However, the book has many many accurate accounts. There are other celebrity children that saw for themselves what Crawford was like.

    As an actress, she was one of the best. I never pass up her old movies.

  7. Joan Crawford was not a nice person. Another actor went to visit her one day and after chatting for quite a while, Joan said something like “Do you think we should let Christina out of the closet now?”. He said the poor girl had been locked in the dark closet the whole time. I have no doubt from what some of Hollyweird saw that she was not a nice person and most likely, most of the book written about her was true.

  8. Janet, did Judy Lewis have any children, and if yes, who do they resemble?

  9. Loretta acted strait laced but her legs seemed to come apart easily. Who infected her with ovarian cancer…was it Clark or other lovers?

  10. Ditto what Muffie!! said. In today’s world, a woman in Loretta Young’s position would trash everyone for the sake of fame and fortune. I don’t agree with the decision to lie to her daughter all those years and deny her a relationship with her father.

  11. You can really see Clark and Loretta in Judy’s face. She was a beautiful woman. Great smile.

  12. I always heard Joan was a vicious, overbearing, uncaring, oversexed,self-centered beeatch.

  13. What price “fame,” eh? Obviously Young was worried about Gable’s reputation and her own—but what’s hard to understand is why she was in denial privately, for so long?

    It was more than an open secret in Hollywood. EVERYONE knew. In fact it was Judy’s fiance who finally told her the truth on the eve of their wedding.

    Keeping the secret from her daughter, needlessly, for all those years smacks of cruelty.

    Judy was, agreed, beautiful. Very telegenic looks; surprising she didn’t go into TV or film, although given her background, her chosen profession of psychotherapy probably makes more sense.

    (Janet, you changed your domain name: Cool! 🙂 )

  14. Girlfriend had a forehead you could project daddy’s movies onto. Whew!

  15. Yeah but the queen of foreheads is owned by BLACK Rihianna…that girl has some space…and it has been planted between many another girl’s thighs!

    Can we get RR, Whitney, Hillary, and Big O out on a sleepover?

  16. “Joan Crawford was not mean. Mommy Dearest is pure fiction made up by her daughter to trash her name.”

    As an actress, she was great; as a human being, she failed. Everybody knew that in Hollyweird, deal with it.

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