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Blake Lively showed up on the set of “Gossip Girl” today in a great mood with her hair pinned back. She seemed oblivious to the fact that she appeared to have a big fat hickey on her neck. Number one suspect for the smooch mark is her “Green Lantern” costar Ryan Reynolds, with whom she has been keeping steady company.


  1. Hickeys are SO junior high. Send them both to Gay Island. I will have the mojitos ready.

  2. Well she does look ecstatically happy, so I think she’s probably getting a lot more than just a hickey!!

  3. she laughs exactly as sickmaking as the entire tom cruise-clan.

  4. (Gasp) agreeing with Strom. Who over the age of 16 gives/receives hickeys?

    And if you make a good Mojito Strom, pass one over here.

  5. She is very ordinary looking and I can’t see what is all the hoopla about her. She is very fickle and when it comes to men, she will continue jumping from one to the other until she will be just another starlet who will do anything anywhere anytime. Come to think of it, I think she already deserves the skanky reputation.

  6. don’t get what these men see in her, don’t find her attractive at all

  7. I doubt Reynolds gave her a hickey. It is well known he is a homosexual. When Scarjo divorced him she ticked the ‘fraud’ box like Zellweger did with the homosexual Country Star.

  8. agreed … she isnt gorgeous….nice and tall tho…if u have seen her before pics she is just a normal ‘eh’ looking person….she stinks of mediocrity.

  9. …and you know this how, Pippa? Saw the paperwork, did you? *ROLLING EYES*

  10. Who in the sam hell is looking at her that closely and concluded this is a “hickey” and the comments are equally as childish. Whatever you may think of her, she is a working actress that has access to HW. and I might add there are not many 24+ yr old women pretty or ugly, rich or poor that do not dream of being married with children. HW is no exception. How many do you know?

  11. Blake is a professional beard…she gets publicity and some mediocre roles in exchange. think about it…Leo, Ryan, etc…notice a pattern? next up, maybe Ryan Gosling? oh yeah, he already has Eva Mendes as his beard…

  12. No woman should trust her hubby/boyfriend around the man hungry Blake….so plain looking, what is the big deal about her anyway. Could it be (oh no) that she puts out? LOL

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