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Lorenzo Lamas is still indulging his Playmate habit. The four times married casanova recently divorced Shauna Sand and now he’s keeping company with Sandra Taylor. Sandra was a Penthouse Pet under the name of Sandi Korn and later appeared as a Playboy centerfold with her new name. Meanwhile, Lorenzo keeps cranking out those straight -to-video action movies. He has to – he has six children with various wives and girlfriends.

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  1. For Lamas to have fathered all of those children with various bimbos just shows how stupid he is. He should have taken a page from George Clooney’s book. Date all of the money grubbing bimbos you can but DON’T marry them and make sure they use birth control.

  2. lamas has been(get it) bangin some hot poon, but he is a major league MORON.

  3. He is one stupid looking hick…and she is one slutty looking whore. And the way they look is what they are.

  4. I think she beautiful and classy compared to Shuana looking like a wannabe 17-22 year old dressing the way she does.

  5. He has no class or taste in women. His women are yuck.
    Marlene Dietrich named the suppositories she used “Fernando Lamas” after his father. SHe claimed his father was the most boring man in Hollywood and had a similar effect of putting one to sleep as her sleep aid.
    Seems as if Lorenzo inherited his father’s uh….charm.

  6. 6:44 a.m.: Classy? I think not. Her dress is cut all the way down to her hoochie coochie!

  7. This idiotic washup and his medium priced call girl aren’t even worth one of my insults!

  8. 6:44 a.m.: What “class” would that be? Streetwalking 101 For The 40-something Year Old Whore?

  9. It’s amazing to think that his Mother was a great beauty of old Hollywood..ARLENE DAHL. She must be indeed very proud of his score card but he gotten his wayward genes from his Father, Fernando Lamas.

  10. The look on his face can mean only one thing….he’s got a tazer up his butt running full speed.

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