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This is the first time we’ve gotten a reasonably good look at Michael Jackson’s kids (Paris and Prince shown in Las Vegas) and – are we imagining things, or do they look kinda skinny? Years ago, when Michael turned white and had plastic surgery, he also became a vegetarian and lost a lot of weight. He was obsessed with being thin like a fashion model and was horrified at the idea of gaining an ounce. Since then, he’s deviated from the vegetarian path somewhat by indulging in Kentucky Fried Chicken. The kids copy everything Michael does, chances are they’re vegetarians too.


  1. They look like they’ve had work done on their noses?! I wouldn’t put it past him to do something like plastic surgery on his kids since he’s obsessed with it.

  2. He kept their faces covered all this time cause he was paranoid of this. Really, the postings should be kept to adults not children. Everychild deserves a carefree childhood without worrying about the paps taking pix. This should be illegal.

  3. See what I mean. ^^ Look at the first comment. Get out of the gutter people. So sick!

  4. Sadly they are appearing to be skinny trolls from someone else’s sperm donations.

  5. Those are no more his kids than they are mine. Those kids are 100% white.

  6. I agree they don’t look like him or their mom. Weird. I always thought it was her eggs. She probably carried the fertilzed eggs of someone else. No wonder she had no legal standing to get the kids when he was acting so bizzare a couple years back.

  7. They’re cute kids…I hope they can be happy, given the odd life they live.

  8. I have 4 biracial nieces and nephews and let me tell you, there’s no mistaking it. Michael’s kids look 100% white. So the question is, who are the real parents? And who would sell their kids to him?

  9. Donated sperm from a sperm bank, don’t you think? But where did the eggs come from? I hope he treats his children well, that’s call I can say.

  10. Those poor kids. What a messed-up life they have with a drugged-out pedophile as their only acting parent.

  11. The probably look like their dad too, whoever that may really be.
    And Janet, kids that age don’t eat vegetarian because they’re copying their parents. They do it because it’s what they’re fed you numbskull. Like they buy the food and have a choice.

  12. I think they definitely look like their mother, especially the girl. They have the Debbie Rowe chin. I wonder if they’re getting old enough to rebel.

  13. Did Colonel Sanders deliver the bucket of chicken? Who saw him in KFC ordering? The kids prolly think that living a weird life and having a nutty father is normal, so they might end up having a good time. After all, oodles of kids have nothing. Not saying, however, that it is a walk in the park to have Jack-O for a dad. Sorry, but the boy looks unlike a kid, he has an old face.

  14. No way are they his kids, and probably not Debbie Rowe’s either. How else do you explain her sitting back and letting all the bs go on? THey are all nuts!!!!!

  15. Michael probably picked a sperm donor who is famous or looks like someone famous. He likes to associate himself with icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley, etc. (didn’t he “date” Brooke Shields?. He wouldn’t dare select a sperm donor who wasn’t white or didn’t resemble someone famous.

  16. In no way are those kids Michael Jackson’s. He’s African-American. They are not. Their birth mother is Debbie Rowe, but I don’t think she’s the biological mother. I think these kids are the spawn of ? Any suggestions.

  17. People!!! They should not look bi-racial at all. BECAUSE MICHAEL IS MULTI-RACIAL HIMSELF. He has white and native american ancestors both from mother’s and father’s side. MICHAEL HAS LESS THAN HALF BLACK GENE HIMSELF. Learn more about his ancestors. And then explain me and yourself Why person who has only part african gene in him should has pure black children whith his pure white wife?

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