Lisa Rinna has been talking a lot about her recent upper lip reduction to correct the silicone enhancement she overdid years ago. She wants to look her best for her new series “Harry Loves Lisa.” She says her lip is still swollen but already an improvement. Lisa’s hoping to be taken off all those “bad plastic surgery” lists. We wonder why she waited so long to do it.


  1. Sick of these sick H’wood chicks. Her “new” lips are still fake!! How stupid do they think that we are to believe anything they say regarding their “beauty”?

  2. If she wants people to think differently about her she should come forward with her picture before the hideous lips ever happened. Even IF she tried to “fix” them, they are STILL too huge and unless they scraped all the silicone out, still fake as hell. I’m not buying it! Just because they took away the lumpiness doesn’t mean they aren’t ugly fake lips. People are sick to death of fake plastic people. We want them ALL to just GO AWAY!!!!

  3. Downside: Lisa’s 3-figure endorsement contract for Preparation-H was cancelled.

  4. I’ve seen pictures of her way before she got her lips done and she was quite pretty. Who know why a person would do that to themselves.

  5. Harry Hamlin, the number one boring human being in the world, is just happy to have someone who can look after him. He could care if she had zero lips, he comes across as being very needy.

  6. Two of the fakest looking plastic surgery procedures: fake lips and cheek implants (think Meg Ryan). They always look absurd.

    Her lips before looked like a dog’s anus, anything would be an improvement.

  7. I read years ago that she said big lips were a family trait, so she was lying. She began getting injections in 1986 when she was in her early 20s. No wrinkles around the lips at that age.

  8. I’m thinkin Harry must have been LOVIN those giant fake lips all these years…if you get my drift…he’s going to miss those large suckers now!

  9. Now that she’s fixed her lips, she really needs to stop messing w/her face.

  10. That fish frau’s lips make Harry a very happy man.

  11. Fifty Cent, Chelsea Handler, Danielle Staub, George Michael, Tawny Kitaen, Kim Kardashian, and lastly but certainly not least, Lisa Rinna’s lips. These were just the standouts from among nearly a full page list of sorry-excuses for, has-beens, or never-were celebrities. It didn’t used to be like this. I’m officially giving up reading gossip sites and deleting them from my favorites folder. And I don’t blame the gossip columnists. You can’t make cheesecake out of shit. Hollywood was always about cheap imitation, but now it’s become the cheap imitation, a parody of itself, and incredibly boring.

  12. try to be completely honest americans, I know it’s hard:

  13. I had to look a couple of times, but the lips are not her only “plastic” effects. Her nose is definitely worked on too. It really cracks me up how common chopping yourself up has become. It reminds me of that old “Twilight Zone” episode where the young woman argues with her mother about not wanting to get the surgery to look like all the other beautiful people. There were about 5 choices you could choose from. Her mother had chosen one herself. The girl was every bit a normal looking girl, but they made her think she was ugly because she was different and didn’t look just like the rest of them.
    This sure does remind me of current Hollywood. What a real genius Rod Serling was. He didn’t know he really WAS looking into the future.

  14. Lisa is a pretty lady who made a mistake. At least she’s not whorebag and stayed married to the same person for over ten years. Really, some of you just attack any attractive person because you don’t feel good about yourselves.

    Reta, I think you must be very overweight from sitting here all day writing these ginormous posts that blather on forever.

  15. Hey “Harry” so you single out MY posts from everybody else’s to attack…even tho there are equally long ones by others on this subject and others as well. That’s okay, I can take it. Funny tho that you make no comment about the point I and the others made about how common it has become in the entertainment field to chop your face (and body) beyond recognition in order to “make it” somehow. And I’ll bet Lisa Rinna not ONLY “did” her hideous lips, as well as the nose, which is obvious, but I’d bet my firstborn her tits are fake as well, and that she gets filler or botox in her face. Ever hear of Heidi Montag? I rest my case!

  16. Why are you so concerned with what someone else does? jealous much? Most actresses have procedures past a certain age and sometimes it doesn’t go well as in Lisa’s case. It doesn’t make her a bad person. She seems like a really nice lady and she has a sick body so why do you have to put her down? Maybe you’re not happy with yourself Mz Negativity.

  17. It is hilarious when people with fake full lips claim them as natural. It is nearly impossible for enhanced lips to look natural, particularly in the States where there are so many examples of the real thing.

  18. “Harry” (Hamlin?) You voraciously defend this no-talent “actress” who plasticized herself years ago and STILL couldn’t become a big star. Wonder why? I have to laugh when people accuse others of “jealousy’ because we point out hideous deformities caused by desperate attention whores who are afraid to rely on their “talent” and so proceed to alter themselves into unrecognisable forms of humanity to fit in with what they see as the acceptible “norm” of beauty.

    Have you SEEN Heidi Montag lately? 10 procedures in ONE DAY! And NOW she looks like a plastic monster. So does Lisa Rinna, and for YEARS! She’s been a joke, and on the top of “bad plastic surgery lists’ forEVER! I’m not making this up “Harry”! She EARNED it herself by being desperate and plastic. Her fake tits don’t move. I watched DWTS. They stuck out of her costumes like bubbles under her skin and you could see the edges of the things! BREASTS don’t HAVE “edges” Harry. Maybe YOU accept this form of womanhood, maybe you enjoy playing with plastic bags full of silicone, but she has ruined whatever chance she ever had at a REAL acting career and is relagated now to gawkers who want to peer thru her window by way of “reality TV.” Yeah, good luck with that, Harry, hope you two can “act” normal and happy in spite of the fact she can’t move her face! (Can YOU?)

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