Lisa Marie Presley,40, has verified the pregnancy you read about here in February and it’s painfully obvious WHY. She looks as big as a house. It’s funny how some people, like Halle Berry, just expand in the tummy when they’re expecting and look as attractive as ever. Lisa seems to have plumped up everywhere and she doesn’t appear to be happy about it. And those Elvis-inspired sunglasses aren’t helping a bit.


  1. If Halle was having her 3rd child, as Lisa Marie is, she’d probably look like this.
    With the 1st child, it’s easy to keep the weight-gain in the belly area.
    Although Lisa’s behaving like she’s in her early 20s, when she last gave birth, & eating way too much/not exercising.
    Can get away w/that when you’re young, not 40.

  2. Please Janet, do not make fun of pregnant women. Especially the spawn of ‘The King’. More Scientologists in the world can’t be a bad thing. They can really help at car accidents.

    Transporting scientology-HAMBURGERS……..and don’t forget to EAT for the whole FUCKING church!!

  4. My god, Kate Hudson gained about 80 pounds during her pregnancy and looked like she ate herself three times over. I gained only 20 pounds but that was because I had decent genes. Give the woman a break. Pregnancy is not fun and you don’t need the added stress of gossip blogs adding to it for no reason.


  6. ALL THESE MEGA-RICH IN SCIENTOLOGY WILL FIND THAT SCIENTOLOGY AND THEIR $$$$$ WILL NOT KEEP THEM OUT OF YOU KNOW WHERE..Granted that Scientology has programs that can help with drug addition and alcoholism, but coming out of bad habits, etc. won’t save the everlasting soul. They all are following a very false cult.

  7. Chhesebugga, Cheesebugga, Cheesebugga, no coke, pepsi.
    Keep ’em coming; me and my Sci friends are really really hongry.

  8. Pick on her for the whack Scientology beliefs, but to rag on a middle aged woman expecting her 3rd baby for being overweight……especially whenmany of your women readers look like that and they’re not pregnant!

  9. It’s those fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches that are to blame!!!

  10. I want her to name the baby ELVIS. She has to! It would jive with with her co$ because they believe that everyone reincarnates over and over again, so it could mean that Elvis is in her belly drinking those chocolate milkshakes and cheeseburgers. Waaa Waaaa the king is hungry!

  11. Priscilla has had so many plastic surgeries she looks like a wax figure. Lisa is on her 4th husband, the first 3: Dan Keough, Michael Jackson, Nic Cage, all weirdos. She struggled with drug addiction for several years. Priscilla kicked out her live-in lover of many years after having one kid. Lisa had a failed rhino-plasty (nose) and struggled with weight, even before getting preg. Helllooooo, any fellow Scientologists out there that can help them?

  12. If Pris and Lisa would just look up on the net the words…..Scientology…Thetan….L. Ron Hubbard…..Dianetics. If they would just OBJECTIVELY READ what a load of crap they are into, surely they would get out. But brain-washed they are and pouring untold $$$$ into SCI. I’m sure Big-Wig Tom Cruise is so proud of them.

  13. If she puts on a little more weight and cuts and dyes her hair a lighter orangish color, she’d be a spitting image of Jason Gummy Bear Davis.

  14. If Elvis had frozen his spermatazoa, the one whose freezer they were in would be a multi-billionaire. Think how many ladies would have paid any amount to hatch a little king. AND MAYBE SOME OF THEM WOULD HAVE INHERITED HIS EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKS. The stars didn’t line up right for poor big Lisa.

  15. Correction: I meant the GENES, not stars, didn’t line up right for poor big Lisa.

  16. For 3 solid hours I have been trying to figure out why mama Priscilla has less wrinkles and smoother skin than Lisa. Can Scientology fix her?

  17. I read her letter confirming her pregnacy, she was sooo angry… she reminds me of kirsti Alley, another angry women always giving the finger, is this what a good scientolgy women does. What a religion these are the poster women and there bitter. If the press doesn’t treat you well turn the other chick, instead there out for bloood. Scientology is awful, from all that I see and read!!!!!! Awful women

  18. She is Miss Negativity. Never a happy or positive comment out of her mouth. Always gripes about how “hard” life is for her and the burdens she carries. Everyone’s out to get her, this isn’t true, that isn’t true. What a drag she must be to live with. One of the most unattractive people ever…and that’s because of her chronic whining.

  19. Pregnancy is hard enough, let alone you’re 4th child at age 40. While I’d like to feel sorry for her, I agree with the poster who noted that Lisa Marie is a whiner. Anyone with her money doesn’t have an excuse to be so negative. She needs to take a look around and stop focusing on herself.

  20. So she’s gaining weight – she’s frikkin pregnant! I can’t STAND LMP, but for pete’s sake – she’s got enough on her plate let alone listening to people complain she’s getting FAT. So WHAT! There is NO making paps happy, is there? Either they are chunky and you laugh at them or they are skin and bones and you make fun of them. It’s no wonder there are so many food issues out there nowadays. We all have to live up to your airbrushed standards.

  21. LisaMarie is a low IQ idiot. The following is gross: She invited Oprah to Graceland for a home-cooked country lunch. Attending were Oprah, Gayle King, LisaMarie and Lisa’s hubby, Michael. Oprah and Gayle were eating like hogs when suddenly Lisa started talking about how her Grandmother asked her constantly if she had a B.M. that day. She talked about it for about 10 minutes. Oprah and Gayle almost gagged and almost turned white. LOL> (This was on O’s talk show about 6 months ago.)

  22. Lisa Marie, next time in Memphis go by “Gus” Fried Chicken. It’s on First Street, I believe… and you can order out. But, Memphis ain’t like Hollywood, so go inside and get a booth and at like a human being.
    Chicken is good, too.

  23. Pregnancy at 40, no problem.
    Why not just have an abortion at the GYM and loose all those extra pounds, by eating squash and grilled chicken and water, every day for a month.

  24. Horrible, absolutely horrible Janet. Are you seriously picking on a woman for how she looks during pregnancy? Put your claws back in…

  25. STFU. So what if she is gaining weight she is 40 and having a baby. all happiness towards her. i can’t believe you are insulting her here about her weight gain. you need to eat a friggen candy bar yourself.

  26. She looked sloppy before preggers, she looks sloppy during preggers, she will look sloppy after preggers.

  27. Priscilla never had a weight problem. I guess she got the fat gene from the King.

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