has a love life. After she was fired from “Desperate Housewives,” Nicollette sued the producer Marc Cherry and was disappointed when none of her former costars backed her up. Since then she hasn’t had a lot of luck landing roles, but she has a handsome new guy in her life. The pair were photographed having lunch in Calabasas and Nicollette must be very comfortable with this mystery man because she’s wearing sweat pants and Uggs.


  1. Not only that, she has no makeup on. I still think Desperate Housewives was better with her on it. Spiced things up and she could play any part they gave her. jmho

  2. Janet, love, congrats to you on having the BEST format for comments of any ‘gossip/rumor’ person ever. Pls. don’t change a thing. XXX, M.San

  3. I have seen 3 or 4 made-for-TV movies starring Nicollete, not to mention of course her character on D.H. She is an above-average actress. Something tho is keeping her from finding and ****keeping**** a man for the long haul.

  4. I didn’t like her OR her charactor on DH. And I’m glad the other stars on the show didn’t back her up on her ridiculous lawsuit biting the hand that fed her. She should be thanking herlucky stars the guy gave her such a good job for as long as he did when she had fizzled out with her career for so long. She never WAS that popular or big as a “star” as when she was on DH. I think she really IS a bitch and that’s why she can’t keep a guy very long and keeps getting engaged and not married.

  5. Was traveling through Calabasas last weekend and it’s a beautiful part of CA that’s under the radar. Nicolette career will never to even close to the same. Who’s going hire her now?

  6. “Weed” is clearly on her mind……….

  7. She’s a whacko that uses and abuses then suddenly dumps her man, preferring the company of her dogs..

  8. I agree she is somewhat nutty and doesn’t know exactly how to get and keep a man. But I also think she played her part on DH to perfection and I saw one TV movie she made a few years ago and she was very good. As to the Marc Cherry accusation, who knows if she is or is not lying about it.

  9. Can’t believe that no one has commented on how old she looks. I would never have recognized that person as Sheridan – she looks like someones gran.

  10. I’m just happy she’s not on DH anymore so I don’t have to cringe whenever her pinched face would come on camera anymore. Her features look to me like she has spent 50 years bitching out the back door at neighborhood kids “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

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