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It looks like LaToya Jackson is trying very hard to become one of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She’s been keeping company with Lisa Vanderpump (and her adorable dog Gigolo) – they were together at the series premier and at Villa Blanca for lunch this week. Whether single LaToya could be considered a “housewife” or whether actually lives in Beverly Hills is not known. (But, of course, if they were really looking for authenticity, the Beverly Hills Housewives would be Persian) LaToya just might pull it off.



  1. I really feel horrible about how the dogs on these “Housewives” shows are treated. This particular dog is never put down and always has clothes on in Bev Hills, it’s warm and this kind of dog is a Pekanese and has thick fur so surely doesn’t need clothes. They can’t sweat like people do.
    And one of the housewives “Taylor” gave her 4 year old daughter, who’s spoiled as crap, a very small dog for her birthday. The kid is such a brat it’s amazing and I fear for that dog.
    These shows about the disgustingly rich treat animals like purse accessories. Makes me sick!
    By the way, Janet Jackson sure is looking white nowadays, just like Janet…must be dipping into Michael’s leftover body/face creme.

  2. And which one is Gigolo?

    I agree with Sal, these dogs are like accessories. What I love is that some of these “housewives” actually think that the dogs enjoy being dressed up.

  3. LaToya wants to be a real housewife? Shouldn’t she wish upon a star and ask to be a real girl first?

  4. Latoya looks just like the rest of those in the entertainment community that messed up their face.

  5. lisa is the only likeable housewife in this series! She actually does something other than being “a lady who lunches”.

  6. Lovely, I agree completely. And that horribly deformed bitch that Kelsey Grammer was stuck with for years is the worst of this crew. Her face is nearly impossible to look at it’s so plastic, along with her hideous fake tits that never move. She has some young guy that’s always showing up where she is (to get his mug on camera?) and she kisses and hugs him blatantly. How that guy keeps from throwing up is beyond me.

    As for Latoya, isn’t she supposed to be a “housewife” first? Same with that single sister Kim that’s crazy as shit and jealous of her prettier sister Kyle.

  7. Just what RHBH needs — another delusional bimbo Stern Show reject (Penthouse Pet/Camille being the first) and plastic surgery trainwreck (Taylor and Adrienne don’t need the competition). I’d even sturn off Howard Stern if he ever entertained LaToya again — no way I’d watch RHBH and I seriously doubt I’ll watch “Celeb” Apprentice if LaToya’s a part of it. She’s a bigger waste of air, space and carbon than her loser brothers and a chip off Joe Jackson’s bottom feeder flock, living off Katharine and the money Michael left for his mother.

  8. Yeah, I’ve always wondered how this freak made her “living.” Now she is so hideous she’d make any camera spontaneously combust in self defense if forced to take her picture.

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