We can’t help but crack up at the sight of Lady Gaga on her way to a bikram yoga class IN THESE SHOES! Several guys had to help her teeter into the yoga center and assist her in taking the shoes off for class. Bikram is the yoga done in overheated rooms that cause participants to sweat profusely. Not very appetizing, but it creates the illusion of immediate weight loss. At least the yoga people had their laugh for the day.



  1. If I’m correct, this is the same thing several people died of in a sweat lodge and there is a trial going on now over it.
    -SHE’s a moron. First of all, look at the shapeless legs, she looks like shes anorexic already. The nasty wig is hideous, and the “shoes” are just too beyond stoopud! Maybe she’ll snap one of her twiglegs in hald and be out of the public eye for a few months. One can only hope!

    But other than that, that’s the closest to “normal” I’ve ever seen her dress. Too bad she ruined it by not wearing a bag over her head.

  2. Lady Gaga you are creative and innovative, but the shoes have seen their day, a long time ago.

  3. I don’t know what her creation and innovation is all about but I do know one thing she an idiot. If you got talent just sing and let people hear it. The rest is a joke. Who wears shoes you can’t even walk in?

  4. This just proves she is as fake as they come. Yoga promotes healthy posture and balance. This moron promotes artificial limbs for 20 yr olds. She is a product of some marketing/music wiz. Since the very beginning she wore Alexander McQueen!!! Who can afford that nonsense if they are really just starting? Have you heard of starving musicians Lady Gaga??? She has talent but she sold her soul to the corporate echelon of music biz and she is dead now. Plus I’m getting tired of her clothes… shocked at first now I’m bored with her stylists. Camille Paglia couldn’t summarize it better.

  5. How many times have we seen her twist her ankles or fall down? Why wouldn’t you enjoy your youth and good health while you can, before she knows it she will need somebody to help her walk cause she’s old. So sick of this ridiculous woman.

  6. I kinda respected GaGa until I learned she was doing the usual crazy stuff to lose weight and keep the weight off. She is no different from Britney Spears. Actually, I respect Spears more – she at least sometimes says screw it, lets it all hang out, and chows down.

  7. What part of looking like an idiot makes you a singer/musician?
    I agree with Lenny who says:If you got talent just sing and let people hear it.

    I can vividly recall stunning video of Billie Holiday in a white sheath dress and white gardenia in her hair elegantly standing in front of an floor mic and singing in her beautiful and memorable Blues style. Nobody needs to do anything different than that if they are talented. Just stand there, or move around, and SING…LIVE…not autotuned crap, but real voice and talent or get the eff off the floor and out of our ears and eyes!

  8. It has got to be a difficult everyday of your life making yourself look more and more ridiculous.There has got to be something missing mentally for her to continue wearing
    those hideous Herman Munster Concrete Blocks
    on her feet.I have yet to see anything that come close to looking like those **walkstoppers anywhere. I’m Just Saying!!

  9. Don’t knock GaGa’s getups. Without her half the gay boys in New York and San Francisco would be stumped as to what to wear on Halloween!

  10. One can only be Judy or Liza so many times!!!

    Right Strom?

  11. I’m sure the united states can rase special madhouses for these creatures.

  12. Ok exactly WHICH internationally famous fashion designer is responsible for those orthepedic shoes she won’t give up. I hate those damn stilt-shoes. With a passion.

  13. Those cloven hoof shoes are THE most ridiculous footwear I have ever seen. It can’t be too much longer before there’s a headline about her catastrophic shoe accident.

  14. Denise, right! Remember when Chloe Sevigny knocked her two front teeth out taking a tumble because of her stilleto-heeled boots. I recently saw an article in the Sun UK that said that is far from uncommon. Takes suffering for fashion to a whole new level.

  15. Good Lord!!! There she goes again, tottering around in yet another pair of ridiculous (not to mention ugly) shoes! She looks like an idiot. When oh, when, will she finally teeter, and fall, and break an ankle (or 2)??? Does she think people are lining up everywhere she goes, in hopes of being one of the “lucky” two who get to “hold” her up??? What an embarrassment she is!

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