Eric Johnson is attempting to contribute more than just his charming sportive persona to Jessica Simpson’s life. He’s made up his mind to turn her green. Eric drives a hybrid car and he’s made it clear he’s not thrilled with Jessica’s souped up Range Rover. He already replaced all the light bulbs in her house with the watt savers, he’s cut their water consumption, and is devising new recycling methods for her. Thanks to Eric, Jessica is cultivating an environmental conscience.


  1. Yeah, but can he teach her the difference between chicken and tuna?

    (Naw…we wouldn’t want to go expecting too much, now, would we)?

  2. Maybe the next thing Jessica can switch from is petroleum-based clothes to natural fibers. That dress is a combo of a hooker and a 90 year old lady.

  3. that would be the day a male that i am paying for would dare to make a comment about my choice of vehicle. if the bitch don’t like my car – he can get out and walk, “and don’t let the door whack you a*se to the pavement”.

    I wonder if the tin-ass paid for the replacement lightbulbs – whoop de do

  4. Yeah, but does he have a job and no one cares about this fake eco-concerns. It world will be fine. This world is in God’s hand not man’s.

  5. Don’t exactly know or care what Jessica is learning from Eric. But Eric is learning to enjoy the good life with Jessica’s millions and maybe all the sex tricks she learned from her many lovers, especially (the ummm, very manly) John Mayer.

  6. From what we know Jessica was already going green, saving on toothpaste by brushing twice a week. Eric looks like a dude who saves water while in shower… Go green kids!

  7. Reta,

    Yes, they have the same nose. Eric wears it on odd calendar days plus Stat holidays, Jessica wears it even days. Every 4 years in February a great big fight will erupt in their home. That’s until they switch to Jewish calendar. Then all will be good.

  8. Jessica’s men love the pig-skin and grinding on the turf. They also play football.

  9. Sebastian: hahahahaha! Good one!

    I know people that have lived together in long long marraiges often begin to resemble each other, but this is rediculous! Haven’t these two just barely knocked uglies? Maybe the attraction IS that they see their own reflection in their mate and are so mesmerized by their lovers beauty they just have to have it! I wonder how it feels to stare into your own face while having sex?

    Of course, I’m hoping the guy is a bit of a brighter bulb than Jess, cute or no, she’s dim as a can of chicken…or buffalo wings…

  10. They actually live together.. Its never been confirmed only with tabloids.
    About the SUV he has no problems with it he drives it more then his Prius.
    Now on the otherside they do seem to get along & have fun so can we just leave them be & see what happens.
    I would like to know if they actually live together for real. Where does janet get her info on this? No one else has it.

  11. Did you see Jess at womens conference.. she did very well & very well spoken.. Excellent job.

  12. Am I being a prude, or has Jessica been passed around to more football players than the team water bottle?

  13. …………just leave the united states behind, folks.

  14. Too bad this is what people are saying about Jessica. If I remember correctly, she had a pretty good voice.

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