We were happy to meet someone involved in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and coaxed a little gossip out of this person (who shall remain nameless.) The source is adamant that Kyle Richards is the LEAST popular of the BH Housewives, among both the cast and production people. The source said that Kyle feels very entitled – she’s demanding and thinks she should be the biggest star on the show. She seems envious of Lisa Vanderpump’s success and expected her own clothing store, which she opened down the street from Lisa’s restaurant, to be a huge success because of her name. But apparently her name isn’t enough, because the source says the store is usually empty and the sales people are bored. Business is disappointing. And THAT doesn’t help Kyle’s mood.


  1. I think that who a person really is, deep down to their heart and soul, comes through and people really see you for who you really are. Kyle and the rest of her trashy family and friends like Adrienne and Faye, show who they are, just by being themselves.

  2. Originally I liked Kyle but the more I saw of her that changed. Who is Faye and why is so much credence given to her? Talk about a bully. Not even enjoyable television to watch that shrew. Favorite BH housewife? Lisa. Close second? Yolanda. You go girl. I was also raised to speak English “you are in America now” which wasn’t my first language, either.

    Also I thought it would be nice to see Kim Richards all grown up, but for someone who claims robe seeking zen, she sure is a pot stirrer herself. She could learn a lot from Yolanda.

    Tata Adrienne. Get rid of Taylor. What a mess. And Camille. Yawn.

  3. I detest kyle, her and her husband are users and as someone else said opportunists.

    Anyway, Janet please expose Faye resnick, if anyone has dirt on her it’s you. How come she was a black woman and now she’s sort of a white woman or Hispanic.

  4. Not surprised to hear that at all. Everyone loved Kyle first season( including me), but she has shown her true colors. Lisa has always been a fave and the way Kyle treated her was a huge turnoff!

  5. I can’t indentify who they are, they all look the same to me, like white people

  6. No Abe, real women prefer to be their one mouth piece.
    Kyle delights in her friend Faye’s bad behavior and scorns Brandy’s. That’ does not make her a girl’s girl, secretly or otherwise, that just makes her a hypocrite. A bitchy one at that.

  7. A friend of mine is in regular Twitter touch with Kyle, and he said she’s very nice. The “source” of this garbage could say anything negative and Janet’s people would believe it, because it’s negative. We all know how scripted and fake these so-called reality shows are. Once all of you meet Kyle in person and can say first hand what a beyotch she is, fine. Until then, use your brain.

  8. Faye Resnick is one of Kyles best friends. That should let everyone know exactly what kind of a person Kyle is. I liked Kyle until Faye came on HWBH. Faye is nothing but a snooty, classless, trouble maker.

    I also suspect Kyle was the one selling stories to the Tabs. Curiously, nobody suspected her of it. That just goes to show how sly she really is.

  9. I hate reality shows. I miss real actors & actresses who are talented. Why do we need everyday people pretending to know how to act? All they do is scream and bitch at each other. Who could watch this nonsense?

  10. Kyle used to be my fav too but no more. I love Lisa and when I was watching that Faye make trouble at Lisa’s party, I was waiting for Kyle to defend Lisa. Lisa’s right – she doesn’t have her back.

  11. LIsa is successful because she is way smarter than Kyle. Lisa is quick witted and has business sense. Kyle only has her looks. It’s so obvious that Kyle is filled with jealousy towards Lisa, she made this apparent at last year’s reunion. If you notice, Kyle always befriends people who are dumber or needier than herself aka Faye, Taylor, ect. She wants to be the top dog so she seeks out friends with weaknesses so she can feel superior. That’s why she’s intimidated by Lisa and Brandi, because she can’t control them.

  12. Lisa is smart and can dance circles around these dim wits, Brandi recognizes this asset in Lisa.

    Kyle is a mean girl at heart and desperately tried to down play the trait for this current season but the audience isn’t dumb (downfall of Jill Zarin).

    Like westerns in the 60’s, reality TV is all over the place. A part of me likes the fact that actor/resses are feeling the bite and getting humbled (i.e. we all can be replaced cheaper) KWIM…welcome to the real world 🙂

  13. Who are these people? And really, her name is Vanderpump?

  14. Thus ” storyline” is ridiculous and catty. Kyle Richards is extremely like able and down to earth. She has a beautiful family and she and her husband are very successful. They’re certainly not envious of an older British couple that own a restaurant.

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