This is the first time we’ve seen a BLACK outfit that makes the wearer look FATTER rather than thinner! Who let Kris Jenner out of the house in this unflattering ensemble? Hopefully, after she sees this photo, Kris will put it up for sale on eBay with the rest of her family’s castoffs– but shoppers – be warned!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Nothing sadder and more pathetic than a woman trying to fat shame another. Makes you look very insecure & petty Janet.

  2. Nothing sadder and more pathetic than a woman trying to fat shame another. Makes you look very insecure & petty Janet.

  3. At least she’s laid off Jessica Simpson. That was getting stalkerish.

  4. Ditto. Let’s just stop the fat shaming. I really don’t care how much you dislike the woman. That outfit alone has a million one liners just waiting to be said about it. Why don’t you work at coming up with a few of them.

  5. I never notice what she has on because I’m looking at her Michael Jackson nose and waiting for it to fall off. I have read she lies about her age and is actually 61, don’t know if it’s true but they are all liars so …

  6. All of the Kartrashians look shorter and fatter when you see them in person (except Khloe & Kendall, who are tall). Most of the photos you see of them are ‘shopped to the hilt. Pimp mama has released a few bikini shots of herself this year and she looked 30 lbs slimmer in them than in this pic.

    btw, its not “fat-shaming” when you call out liars on their fakery. Or their bad fashion choices. This is a gossip site after all.

  7. <sigh? If people would just stop taking pictures and giving these fame whores the attention they so crave…..

  8. Georgie,

    When did commenting on a person’s figure become gossip? It isn’t. Janet is just a troll and sorta looks like one too.

  9. lol Georgie ..have you seen her pics? she is abit 106 and dresses like a 13 year old ..A RETARDED 13 YEAR OLD ..her hair is a fried up mess LOL

  10. Maybe the Kardashians stopped sending PR payola.

    BLACK is the appropriate for all the K’s to wear, especially to bed.

  11. Thanks Georgie, for your normal and sensible comment. I was picking on Kris’s OUTFIT, not her body in any way. She is not fat, her bad fashion choice makes her look heavier…

  12. Janet you are fat shaming. This is not the first, second, or even the third time you have fat shamed an individual. You just don’t like being called out on it. And I’m not the only commenter to point this out to you. You can critique a persons fashion choices without bringing their weight into it. I’m even nice enough to give you an example:


    Michael Jackson was always fussy about his weight – he was careful to keep himself looking slim at all times. So we were surprised when he chose Debbie Rowe to be the birth mother of his two oldest children. (As you know, we believe Dr Arnie Klein is the sperm donor father) Debbie was already hefty when she married Michael and now that she’s on her own and living on Jackson money, she’s gotten even bigger. At least the kids never lived with her, so they didn’t pick up on her eating habits. We do applaud her getting involved with Paris when her daughter needed her. (Debbie was photographed in Palmdale, Calif. having lunch with friends)

    P.S. How outrageous that you think those children were better off with a raging drug addict.

  13. Janet, I’m sure you’re thinking I must be overweight. I have been a size 4 for the entirety of my adulthood. Our society is so brutal towards women regarding weight that I find it deplorable, and worth mentioning, when the negative critiques come from another woman. And then there’s eating disorders to contend with, but I won’t get into that. Just knock it off.

  14. Dare I say it!!
    In this particular photo Kris shows a strong resemblance to multiple Emmy Winner Tyne Daly!!

  15. All these haters. Why do you even bother with this blog. Just more on.

  16. At least black complements the color of her face; orange always looks good with black.

  17. Janet, all shaming aside, you count every visit to your site. That is why you feature this rubbish family daily.

  18. Kris stopped sending payola so got slammed. She may have to drown her sorrow with a BLACK man,,,maybe a Friend of OJ

  19. All kidding aside I think part of Janet’s problem is that she has been in Hollywood a long time and saying someone looks fat is about the biggest insult you can give someone . Especially for women . I don’t like the KK’s , fat or thin .

  20. if she had worn a low cut top, i think it would have made a world of difference. however, plump or skinny, this lady is holding it together at nearly 60 years old.

  21. Chrissy, my mom is older than her and has never put a knife/needle to her body or face. This woman looks terrible.

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