Kris Humphries is pictured above walking in Beverly Hills with two extremely tall friends. The Boston Celtics forward has put his 72 day marriage to Kim Kardashian totally behind him and doesn’t want to be reminded of it. Recently Kim had a skirmish with a foul mouthed teen in Beverly Hills and Kanye West came to her rescue and punched the guy. Later Kim said she was proud that Kanye stood up for her and implied that Kris wouldn’t have done the same. But Kris chose to ignore the comment and continue his happy life.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. I was not a fan of this dude but he was in so over his head with the antics of the ex-wife and her clawing crone of a mother. Long term survival with that “family” is quite doubtful for anyone. Although Kanye will give them a run for their money.

    The only combatant in that family I have any liking for is Scott Disick.

  2. I think he’s a decent guy who was railroaded by the K Klan, including naively going along with their ideas for his character on the reality show which they then used against him when they were through with him.

  3. Kris most likely contracted stds from his dalliance with KK but otherwise he probably came out unscathed and hopefully learned a lesson.

  4. I agree with Tina. She used him for the show. He seems like a decent man. Kanye is a bully and a thug. If he punches people from rage she might be next.

  5. I am sure he is glad to not be a part of that family of disgusting harpies why they are still on television is beyond me

  6. CH isnʻt quite as repulsive as the Kartrashians but he is no innocent. EVERYONE knows where the family made their money, pimping out their daughters and being publicity whores.

    More PR spin from Kartrashian camp JC? Since when is it okay to physically attack someone because they are saying vile things? KW and other rappers have made MILLIONS from their fake hypocritical macho posturing about respect. Then when stupid young people emulate their idols by saying/acting the same it is okay to hit them? KW needs to be put in jail like any other non-celebrity would be for ASSAULT. This is obviously another PR item direct from the Kartrashians.

  7. Kris Humphries is a good guy from a good family and will end up marrying a better person than Kim Kardashian could ever hope to be. Kanye West is a little vile man-child who needs a good kick in his skinny little ass. All that stuff with the kid was a stunt trying to get people to like them or feel sorry for them. Kim has almost always dated blacks except for Humphries who is too white for her, and so I find it interesting that it took all this time for some kid to talk to her in that way. It was all bought and paid for with $250,000.00 It didn’t work the way they thought it would so now ugly ass Kanye is saying Kim is the Marilyn Monroe of this time. Make me laugh! Kris H. was far to good for that pack grifters.

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