A great injustice against Hollywood has been perpetrated by the owner of Grauman’s Chinese Theater or the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce – they allowed basketball player Kobe Bryant to add his handprints to the cement in front of Grauman’s . HELLO – Grauman’s and the Walk of Fame are intended for performers, writers, movie makers, and people in show business! What the heck is going ON here? Kobe is NOT an actor. Why should his prints share space with Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and Bette Davis? Wouldn’t his prints be more appropriate outside of the Staples Center? It’s a travesty and a crime.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! The guy is a phenomenal athlete but Grauman’s cement is sacred ground to those of us who grew up in southern California and cherish the entertainment business. I don’t know who the owners of the theatre are nowadays but they are idiots.

  2. For petes sake. Graumanns Chinese Theater & the Hollywood Walk of Fame are two different entities.

    The Walk of Fame is managed by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which bends the rules all the time (for instance, Magic Johnson & various other sports figures, astronauts, and several corporations, that have nothing to do with Hollywood, have stars on the Walk of Fame), and seems to have degraded the whole concept to a money making scheme for the city of Hollywood.

    Graumanns however is privately owned by a big corporation, and although on Hollywood Blvd, with the Walk of Fame running in front, can choose who they want for their footprint honors.

    A lot of the people honored with both footprints at Graumann’s or a Star on the walk of fame are unknown to most of us. At least Kobe is an LA legend.

  3. Which is it? If other sports people are there this seems much ado about nothing.

  4. Thanks georgie. I’ve been noticing that more than a few of the articles here are either speculation, fabricated, or just plain wrong.

  5. Oh dear what a terrible crime! I’m going to be upset all day about Hollywood stars not getting their due.

  6. Janet, can you please remove “uncle bill’s” racist comment? Thank you.

  7. Uncle Bill…. You POS.I think you have your websites mixed up… You must have been looking for the KKK website. Keep that filth in your mouth, and don’t spew on other people…. Signed, white southern lady.

  8. Of course Georgie is right, the Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame are two separate entities; any idiot could figure that out. However, the tradition has been that only people associated with the movie industry have had their hand and footprints immortalized in cement. The only two exceptions I could find were the wife of Sid Grauman (original theatre owner) and former mayor of L.A. Tom Brady. Who the hell cares, I guess.

  9. Is it true that most of them have to pay big bucks to get these stars or handprints?

  10. Yes, let’s reward Dog killers and rapists with more fame just because they can throw a ball around. Maybe if Scott Peterson could throw a ball around effectively we could have given him a reality show instead of jail. ***sarcasm****

  11. Sorry, but considering the present state of national and world affairs, Kobe’s footprints in cement in front of Graumman’s can hardly be viewed as a “travesty and a crime”.

  12. This is so stupid and lame, yadda yadda.
    I’m normally more articulate but I’m too appalled at the moment.

  13. If he didn’t have millions to spend on a lawyer, his hand prints would be enshrined (with the rest of him) at San Quentin. Exactly where he belongs.

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