It’s a good thing Leah Remini has friends like Jennifer Lopez because her former friend Kirstie Alley wishes nothing but the WORST for her. Just to show you how loony Scientology IS – Kirstie has called off her friendship with her DWTS dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy because he’s hanging out with Jennifer Lopez, and Jen happens to be friends with Leah! (Leah, as you know, left Scientology not long ago) That’s third generation SHUNNING! Maks revealed this on Watch What Happens Live so it’s no rumor! Incidentally, Jennifer has agreed to appear on Leah’s reality show “It’s All Relative” – and that is a friend, in deed.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. It’s a blessing gals.. Alley is a snobbish, difficult and spiteful bully to everyone.

  2. Can u believe that disgusting Alley is into BDSM and has her own dungeon in her house?

  3. It’s nice to see friends being loyal to Leah. Kirstie Alley can eat caca.

  4. Kirstie is the dumbest fat broad that ever breathed. When she kicks, she will find herself in Hades with SCI founder, L. Ron Hubbard and all the other brain-dead scientologists, then too late, baby.

  5. Jlo always is seen with ugly women so even her plain looks will outshine them. Not even a Kardashian managed to provide so much backside to so many BLACK men in return for fame.

  6. i saw that on WWHL when Maksim disclosed this, i was shocked as how cold Kirsie Alley must be to dump friends so easily. My second thought was “Does Janet Charlton know this!?” lol

  7. Kirstie Alley appears to be an obese, nasty, petty little brat. If she dumps “friends” that easily, she will find herself alone, and she will deserve it. You cannot force someone into believing something they don’t want to believe, and if she had a brain, she’d realize that. Nobody but a complete nutball would take one word of that Scientology BS seriously. And as daggers said, when she dies, she will wake up in Hell, along with all the other Scientology suckers. Every “sitcom” she’s been a part of since Cheers has bombed; she needs to just go away.

  8. Dare I say it!!
    Kirstie continues to jeopardize her creditability. Among other “hot topics”, she dared to go on Oprah after shedding 75 pounds wearing a bikini and should enormous thighs. She got off the Jenny Craig wagon and ballooned up to unknown weight, and frustration. She admits to falling in love with
    Patrick Swayze years after he passed on, claiming that PS wanted her to leave Parker Stevenson for him, even though Patrick had No intentions of leaving his wife for her. Kirstie admits that she fell in love with fellow Scientologist John Travolta while filming the movie “Look Who’s Talking” while continuing to court a friendship with JT’s wife Kelly Preston. Kirstie bounced around on DWTS, and hinted at a dance/romance with Makim. Kirstie started her own health food venture, and is Now back with Jenny Craig. I don’t think that losing Kirstie Alley as a friend will be too traumatic for Leah Remini. After years of being the wife of “The King of Queens” and starting her own New show with family and continuing to have a close friendship with JLo, I do Not think that Leah will be shedding any tears about fair weather acquaintances like Kirstie. Just saying!!

  9. As Marc has said, Jen has had massive amounts of plastic work and you can see it more and more as she tries to show off what was once a very flat chest.

  10. It would actually be third person not third generation. Even though Kristie is much older than Max and could be his Mom LOL. Good reporting…not trying be be mean.

  11. Absolutely, Kirstie may be a hog but many a BLACK man would mount her and feel right at home.

    Of course, Hillary Clinton would pull her large thighs apart in a NY minute (so long as she didn’t get caught)!

  12. I’m not a J-Lo fan, but I have to say I admire her for sticking with her friend.

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