Much has been made of Kris Humphries’ comment that his fiancee Kim Kardashian is “the second most beautiful woman in the world – after MY MOM!” Our gossip colleague, CJ, at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis (Kris’s home town) sums up the situation quite accurately. While it was well-intentioned, the remark was immature. CJ asks “Don’t most MATURE adults come to terms with the fact that their parents are not the most beautiful people in the world?” In other words, maybe Kim’s soon-to-be husband Kris still has some growing up to do. Not to mention the fact that Kris’s mom Debra Humphries (who IS attractive) had better look awesome at that TV wedding. The pressure is ON. (Second



  1. When the major claimn to fame if his new wife is that she has been screwed by more BLACK men than any white woman on TV.

  2. It matters not if Kris is a momma’s boy. If and when the marriage occurs, momma Kris Jenner will take over and slowly, slowly, little by little, she will mold his brain into thinking the Kardashian way.

  3. @Indy, there is nothing slow about the way Kris Jenner works. She has been working on him since the day Kim met him. There was a blind item revealed that he is taking very low salary to be on the Kardashian show because he is so in love. She already has him trained that all money goes to Kim.

  4. @Dragonfly, I think U R right on this. The words slowly does not apply to anything Tiger Momma does. She is ruthless and this boy doesn’t stand a chance. LOL

  5. Sounds like mama’s boy over dosed on breast milk. What’s going to happen when he realizes Kim don’t have any? Why by the COW when it’s only giving away free silicone.

  6. I think his comment is cute, and perhaps, was intended to remind his mother that he has not been fully assimilated into the Kardashian collective.

  7. Good Morning everyone!

    I hope someone gets Kim one of those “Little Giant Ladders” so she won’t have to climb him to get a little sugar. lol 🙂

  8. I’m sure Big Mama Kardashian is going to nail this sucka’s balls to the wall with the pre-nup he will have signed.
    Dungeness crab cake, eggs bennies for breaky, Walt. With candied pink salmon on the side.
    Jessica’s hollandaise is crazy good.

  9. On another note. Bank note that is.
    Have you guys got your money out of the bank and under your mattresses yet?!!

  10. @Patrick,

    Wish you hadn’t mentioned the crab cakes. I am hungry ……AGAIN!!! lol

  11. Casonia Sade Logenberry of Seattle washington and on Hells kitchen fox 13 season 9....All the Men and Woman on Hells kitchen have to go 7 weeks without sex..How frustrating could that be? says:

    So what if a man is a mothers boy and that means…He really loves his mothers and that his mother is really nice to him and really kind to him and treat him with massive respect and tell him each and every day that she loves him and that is what mothers do and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

  12. Casonia Sade Logenberry of Seattle washington and on Hells kitchen fox 13 season 9....All the Men and Woman on Hells kitchen have to go 7 weeks without sex..How frustrating could that be? says:

    Kim your the second most Beautiful woman in the world to your Husband to be and I know that you are Happy and looking forward to the future and with joy and love in your Heart and Family is key. Mommas Boy is a good thing and that means he has massive respect for woman and treat them like a lady.

  13. It was a light, charming comment made by a well-mannered man. But no matter how good a guy he is, Kim will quickly get bored and dump him either pre- or post-wedding. She likes bad boys. She’s soon going to be a fat middle-aged woman who’s ringing up divorces. The only reason men will keep falling for her is the Kardashian Kash (without an ounce of Klass).

  14. The expression on her face says a lot….he is boring and just too light for her “taste”

  15. I wonder if his Mom has that herpes thing that Kim supposedly got from Reggie?

  16. Kim,ho, ho, hore, would return to bigblack Reggie Bush in a second if he would have her. Its not like he is jealous of all the ghetto blacks she has had since he kicked her out.Hope this babyface boy can satisfy her. once you go black, you dont wanna go back, right?

  17. Go gettum, Storm! Kim and J Lo have had smokehouses full of BLACK meat and J Lo wont be going back in public because it is beneather the way she sees herself now. Kim picked here a half black in an attempt to straddle the fence.

    Any updates on BLACK Morgan Freeman marrying his stepgranddaughter?

  18. This couple are silly and immature.. they will go the way of dullards Jessica and Nick and no one will really care five years from now..

  19. This site’s comments section is being overrun by the scums of the Earth. Negative, racist, bitchy, jealous. Ick. Ick. Ick.

  20. @cal, thanks. My Star Trek references usually go unnoticed, but really, don’t you see Kris Jenner as the Borg Queen?

  21. He seems like a nice kid, but too young for Kim and I think he’s being manipulated by the Kardashian clan.

  22. When the major claim to fame of his new wife is that she has been screwed by more BLACK men than any white woman on TV.

    What a way to start a marriage!

  23. @Denise, yes I guess there is some similarity there. Especially with the plastic stretched looking face.

    Although I do admire Kris Jenner, I think she has great talent as a Momager, she has done well for her family. At least they aren’t crawling out of clubs early hours in the morning and smacked out on meth or herion, or whateva the hell, that waste of space lindsay does.

  24. Kris Humphries looks like he’s got all the maturity of a high school boy; no match for the sophisticated kardashians. They got big plans for that kid, and he has no clue.

  25. @ cal:
    Good Morning!!
    Was channel surfing last Night and saw Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. This man is totally messed up. His girlfriend Kate who had a job working
    with the tabloids quit to be with Jon Gosselling,that hook-up lasted long enough to get in print. She has been having a high profile on again/off again toxic relationship with Michael longer than any 2 fools should allow. Michael was walking through the Rehab Center shouting loudly over his cell phone demanding that Kate come where he was and claiming that she was causing *him to have a heart attack. When she arrived these two toxic lovebirds had a loud shouting match right outside the Rehab Center, and of course the police was called in to help calm down the situation, while Lohan continued to act like he was seriously having a heart attack,pacing the floors and shouting that Kate was causing him to have an attack. Talk about first rate drama. It was surprising to see the*Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher and her husband sitting on the couch talking about their 12 year long relationship that Needs a cure. The last that I had heard about her was she was pursing a porn career with the full support of her hubby ( a former police officer) who stood by while she and former great love Joey Buttafuco shared the cameras on ET claiming that they were going on a promotional tour together whatever that meant. Was I finished???
    @ patrick:
    As a reminder about our loot, the security in our world as we knew it is gone> time to throw in that Tim MacGraw CD to live like you were dying!!
    Hello and first time greeting!!
    I could Not agree with you more. I was channel surfing last Night,and saw Kris H. on the show being followed around by the kameras as he was telling Kim K. how wonderful she was and how happy he is with her. When I started gagging on my PBandJ sandwich, that was my cue to switch channels. This guy still have oatmeal around his mouth. He has No clue about the shark tank that he is about to walk into.
    Thanks in advance!!
    If you are in town this week, please keep your pen pals posted on the happenings at Graceland!!

  26. Yeah, Leo, it’s not about love; for the kardashians the point is for kim to get pregnant, and sell that nine-month event for whatever they can squeeze out of it. At most, Kris H. is a dumb and willing sperm donor in the kardashian world. It’s hard to believe his parents aren’t in complete agony over such a disastrous marriage.

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