If you don’t think Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential celebrities in Hollywood, take a look at this Nike ad. The model is a dead ringer for Kim and it’s all about accepting her ample bottom. The ad doesn’t make much sense but it’s obvious that Kim‘s fame is spreading far and wide if Nike executives are taking her seriously.

Update: Nike says they had nothing to do with this ad and don’t know where it came from – even though many women liked the message that it’s OK to have a butt. Who created this remains a mystery, but the Kim K connection is still obvious.


  1. So u prefer women without shapes? Go to the cemetery, ull find plenty of them there. How idiot to be to say its a “black thing”? But hey, Americans are famous for their stupidity, no wonder.

  2. No Janet C is probably getting paid to flak Kim K.

    Nike wouldnt want to see Kim K being screwed and pissed on by a balck (or white) man in their publicity. Kim has a sloppy big ass….maybe they need Serena to show them what an ass is!

  3. The Nike ad person can’t spell ambassador. Maybe they meant to invent a new word: embarrassador.

  4. For an ad to be signed off by the editor with errors in spelling, incoherent and just plain offensive..what are they selling?; an add for Sesame Street…the letter “c”…truly the dumbing down of America…with Nike no less.

  5. The only thing spreading far and wide are her legs.

    I have great respect for women who work out and achieve great muscles. Not for those who get plastic inplanted in their butt and make lame pornos.

  6. Nike’s ads are produced by Weiden and Kennedy, one of the top agencies in the country (the same firm responsible for the Old Spice commercials that have increased body wash sales 127%). There are no misspellings in the ad. “Embassador” is slang and fits the image the ad is seeking to portray. The comments section of this website is one of the best reasons to read Janet’s posts. You guys are friggin’ hysterical!

  7. kardashian influential?

    Well, most celebrities make asses of themselves. It is an interesting twist when builds her celebrity on her ass.

  8. All it takes nowadays to be famous is an enormous ass and lots and lots of balls.

  9. Isn’t Nike the same people who sponsor Tiger Woods? Yah, poison apple don’t fall too far from the rotted tree.

  10. Yeah Indy, but it is what they do with the balls that determines how far they get.

  11. Janet – Nike has confirmed that this ad is a fake. The language used is part of an old campaign and the photo was added by an online prankster. You might want to note this in your article.

  12. Her hinny isn’t big, just in shape. Fat behinds aren’t pretty I don’t care how proud of them you are.

  13. Her attention whore mother Kris probably had something to do with this. Fat ass Kim was also involved no doubt. btw i don’t watch and of the crap shows these greases stains put out.

  14. Heidi Klum has a great shape. KimK is a blimp who needs to get in a gym and lose 4 inches off that tank of an ass. Have we abandoned exercise in this country in favor of the lazy look?

  15. seriously janet STFU there was another more amply bottomed woman before kim k and her rear end made her a lot more money than kim k will ever even see, her name is Jennifer Lopez. whether you like her or not, her butt was more famous and will forever be more famous than kim ks and at least there are no questions about j los a$$ being fake it is clear kim wears pads on her rear to make it look bigger and to minimize the toll cellulite has taken on her deformed butt. paris hilton was right. kim is nothing but a trash bag full of cellulite.

  16. She has a huge ass and she’s short. Ten years from now that ass will hang like sack of five old week bananas.

  17. Damn, you hate making mistakes, that’s a bag of nickels.

  18. Each to his own. I remember a time when a trim tight butt was the thing to achieve. I suppose the influence of rap videos has changed our ideal of what is attractive, but in my world, a protruding derriere is not very feminine, nor is it something to be aspired to.

  19. If I had to choose between Kardashian-shaped or the mid-nineties no-hips-no-butt-big-implants, I would choose the former. At least it is womanly.

  20. I know Captain America would choose the latter.

    Captain, you big bender you!

  21. She’s a short stuuby woman who can’t even fcuck good

  22. I have a big butt. No one is paying me any money for it. bah.

  23. EMBASSADOR ???

    The word is AMBASSADOR. Don’t think NIKE would make THAT mistake !

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