Whether Kim Kardashian will return her wedding gifts has become a burning issue in Hollywood. According to etiquette experts, the marriage was very short and the gifts should absolutely be returned, along with a personal note from the bride. Kim had registered for $172,000 worth of place settings, crystal etc. But we’re thinking that ever-practical Kris Jenner might have already returned the gifts to stores for cold hard cash! If that’s the case, Kim could always donate the value of each gift to charity and inform all the disgruntled guests who gave them. 400 wedding attendees will be waiting to see what happens. We wonder if the Vera Wang wedding dress will be auctioned off on eBay….



  1. This whole thing is just such a joke. Kim wanted to be married, and jumped into marriage without thinking it through. She’s not the first bride to do that, but after all the hoopla and money her wedding cost, she looks really silly. Why can’t they get an annullment instead of a divorce? I’m sure the marriage was consummated, but isn’t the amount of time the marriage lasted part of the annullment issue?

  2. The whole thing is faker than fake. When you think how much good 10 million bucks could have done it makes me feel quite ill. This family is revolting.

  3. This act was nothing more than a paid staged event. That it “ended” on Halloween is all one needs to know.

  4. Kim and the Kardashian Money Making Machine planned the whole thing.

    They lived in a hotel for the entire marriage. Kris wasn’t even on most of the magazine wedding covers. She wanted the wedding but not the husband.

    I just can’t stand the bitch. I know that sounds mean but I can’t help it. I like her less and less each day.

  5. Hi Janet, RE: Kim sending out notes, you are assuming that Kim actually knows how to write! I’m going to guess that she barely graduated high school — and maybe not even that!:) And, @Nina, I, too, can’t understand why she hasn’t filed for an annulment. I have a friend whose first marriage ended in annulment (they were married for a couple of months), and it was definitely consummated. RE: the dress, inexpensive knock-offs of the dress, to be purchased at David’s Bridal, are supposed to be available in February. Wonder how many brides are going to want that dress style now? A LOT of people have been left holding the bag in a lot of ways — except for the Kardashians. As my mom would have said, they are laughing all the way to the bank! 🙂

  6. “She knew marriage was a bad P.R. move as her value has dropped since the wedding.”

    “I staged so many paparazzi moments for her,” claimed Jaxson. “I arranged for her to be coming out of a jewelry store and made it look like Reggie was planning to propose to her.”

    “She would call and tell me to alert the press so there were cameras there whenever anything happened,” he revealed.

    “Reggie cottoned onto it and he didn’t like it, that was part of the reason they split up. He couldn’t handle the fame and her desire for it.”

    “She has just become this different person who is eager and hungry for fame. She has a mass craving for attention.”

    ————-Quotes from Jonathan Jaxson, owner of JJ Public Relations, who worked as Kim’s publicist

  7. Per Kris Jenner regarding the wedding gifts:

    “As for the wedding guests Kim and Humphries received? “I’m sure Kim will make a ginormous donation, as she does all the time anyway, very quietly, to a wonderfully deserving charity or children’s hospital or something like that,” her mom said.


    In other words she IS NOT RETURNING THE GIFTS!

    *******Etiquette doesn’t say a dam thing about making a friggin donation.

  8. I’m beginning to think that maybe she wasn’t leaving town for work but maybe she was just run out of town for being a bitch.

  9. This family is gross! She should return everything Including the ring to Kris! The Kard$hians are taking tacky to a new level! They are popular because of a sex tape!

  10. lil booger = Ava = lil booger. They write exactly the same with the lines in between. busted.

  11. This whore knows exactly whats shes doing -making money, like a good sex worker should.

    I have heard she’s gonna stay in the press like Liz Taylor used to, with a bunch of fake weddings in the future and babies by different men… what a damn slut.

  12. Kris climbed over the decapitated body of her “friend” Nicole to launch her shiteous show. She is now exploiting the murder of two young lovers to sell her toilet paper roll of a book. Ron never got to marry.

  13. I am not sure how they are raking in so much money. Who is buying their stuff? I have never met someone who admits to being a Kardashian fan. Ever.

  14. I can’t believe no one noted that this broad probably NEEDED to get married to fix her own ego because………her younger (fatter, uglier -in her mind) bagged a baller, who married her and treats her right, and DAMMIT, it should of been HER!!!!!!!!

    I wonder what she’ll do now. What man in his right mind would marry this ego-centric chic, who worships only herself and money second. Let’s hope she braces for the reality that it’s her younger and more pure sisters that men will be pining for now.

    Lessons to be learned here, don’t look in the mirror for too long, it fades your beauty, don’t let a man pee on you and if you do, for GODSAKES, don’t make a video of it and don’t think you are God’s gift to the human race, or you’ll be a lonely gift of God to the human race (dead animals can only bring so much comfort).

    All that said, I hope she stays with Kris. He may be a bunghole, however, he’s great at keeping kk in her place.

  15. @Dawn D.

    I am not Ava. Don’t know who she (or he) is.
    Don’t care really either.

  16. If she is doing all of this to improve her image… she is going the wrong direction.

  17. They are completely disgusting …. just revolting…shows what we are coming to.

  18. @lil booger (a.k.a. James or whomever)

    At every entertainment site I go to, why you keep talking sh*t about this girl? You’ve had something to say EVERYWHERE, the SAME EXACT THING. You’re a jealous azz b*tch, aren’t you? Mad because Kim actually has money, fame, & you don’t. She’s got it for nothing & despite how hard you try, even trying to ride your brother’s success, you are a NOBODY & will always be a NOBODY. Drop DEAD.

  19. Gee, who could “ME” possibly be????

    Why would you tell me to drop dead? Why do you care what my opinion is?

    I go to other sites just like everyone else but I never post on any place but here.

    Also, I have two brothers. They are twins and both run a shoe store and repair service. They aren’t famous. They don’t like gossip sites and I don’t think either of them know how to type.

    Go to hell asshole.

  20. Maybe I am wrong (or the rules differ from state-to-state) but as I understand it, Kim K does not meet the necessary requirements to request a legal annulment. Because she was already a divorcee at the time of her marriage (remember she was married to Damon Thomas for close to 5 years prior) to Kris Humphries. However, I believe Kris H., because this is his first marriage could, if he so chooses, request a legal annulment. Only the eligible party may petition the court for an annulment.

  21. No one cares about the pocket change gifts?! What will happen to that 2 mil engagememt ring?!!

  22. @ ME…so should we all vie to be a SOMEBODY then, like kim kardashian???

  23. The guests don’t care about their gifts–it was payment for free, albeit a joke, publicity.

  24. This is 100% a SCAM. She just did it to keep herself in the media. There was a blind item on Gawker that said a reality star with no discernible talent was planning to marry as many times as Elizabeth Taylor so she can keep getting attention and make money off the photos and such. Gee, who could that be??? Marriage as a career? hmmmm. God forbid she get a REAL JOB.

  25. If she had any feelings for Kris whatsoever, she would have been looking for a marriage counselor to help make the adjustment to married life – not divorce or annulment. How about a separation while they work through their issues? Nope. She wanted a fairytale wedding, expensive gifts, attention, but not to be married. I don’t know what Kris got out of the deal, except maybe like on that show “The Bachelor,” he just got caught up in it all and didn’t realize he was being used for Kim’s self-promotion. It’s really disgusting and I wish people would not watch the show and not purchase the products and make these people go away.

  26. @ lil booger,

    I’ll go to hell alright, & I’ll be sure to take you with me.

  27. Me certainly seems to be a KK enabler. Probably has seen every episode of the show and bought many of the (junky) products. Family thanks you!

  28. Yes that’s the ticket, every time a Kardashian gets a media mention Kris Humphries picture pops up! Love it, how can we make it happen? The best way to get rid of these whores is simply turn off E! Network until the likes of them are gone, just gone. They’ve made enough money now to live forever and we shouldn’t keep feeding their habits. Don’t buy a magazine that has a Kardashian on the cover or even a mention of their name, just stop caring about the little pee-pee woman who at the age of 31 and on her second marriage wants the world to find her courageous for ending a 72 day marriage to a man who she knew she did not love. Hell there is nothing courageous about it, she and her entire brood are nothing but users who need to fade back into the Hollywood foothills where they belong. Yes people, it is time to laugh at them, not with them. Oh and I hope Kris Humphries demands an annulment especially now that she admit it was all fake from the get go.

  29. If she sold her dress on ebay, she should protect herself against any liability by clearly attaching a disclaimer stating wearing this dress could cause irritation and discomfort usually associated with scabies and crabs! Perhaps she could also include a signed dvd copy of her film debut as an added bonus.

  30. @ ME

    Sounds like you want to be Kardashian trash. Don’t get pissed off when other people don’t.

    I wonder if Kim really paid for her own engagement ring?

  31. I figure right about now Reggie Bush is buying Kris Humphries a big ole bowl of “I told you so”.

    I wonder if the NBA wasn’t in lockout, if she would have filed for divorce when instead she could be photographed on the sidelines?

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