Let’s hear it for Kim Kardashian, who is consistently the Worst Dressed celebrity in Hollywood. Can you IMAGINE attending a civilized black tie affair at the LACMA museum sponsored by Gucci, mingling with decent people, wearing this atrocious see-thru lacy bodysuit at eight months pregnant? Not only is this vulgar get-up revealing far too much flesh, but in every photo was saw from the event, Kim was holding onto her belly in a most unflattering way. Keep in mind, her husband Kanye West considers himself an “artist” and fashion designer, and HE let her go out of the house looking like this!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Let her out of the house looking like that? Dude probably dressed her? The question is WHY DOES KK LISTEN TO HIM????

  2. She ruined her face, why does she always have her hair slicked down, everything she wears is too tight, too long, too too.

  3. Their over exaggerated ego and wildly demented sense of entitlement are out of hand.

    Why show off your short, round body in such a trampy garb? Her hair reminds me of “Grandpa Munster” from the old tv “The Munsters.” He slicked his hair back like that too.

  4. Why does anyone care….such a disgrace to her race….availing all her bodily openings to BLACK men on call!

  5. Can’t someone ‘disinvite’ this disgusting pair. Just don’t send an invite!
    She’s sickening… He’s sickening!

  6. This was a beautiful girl – can’t she see that she’s destroyed her looks???

  7. this disgusting whore is an example of all that is wrong with the world why any one thinks she is a role model is a mystery if she was ignored maybe she and the monkey would go away for ever

  8. That entire family manifested in the bowels of hell which we’d all appreciate they return to.

  9. She looks like she’s in pain. She should be home in her pajamas with her feet up, resting.

    I wish they would ALL go away.

    I won’t buy products associated with the Kardashians.

  10. Wilson,

    That is so totally a LOL.

    “In her pj’s with her feet up, but very seldom RESTING”. T

    That is the mess she is in now, in my opinion. She should have just continued on with one-nighters taking on whole basketball teams. LOL

  11. PS:

    After being bombarded for soooo long with this cartoon character, why would anyone be shocked at anything she wears.

  12. This get up…is…I can’t even find the words. Shameless, tacky, inappropriate. SHE IS 8 MONTHS PREGNANT and she’s still trying to pull off sexy?? For God’s sake. A new low. This is why I no longer respect Anna Wintour for putting her and t-shirt “fashionista” on the cover of Vogue.

  13. I don’t know why she is invited to these events?? She has ruined her looks with way too much plastic surgery, SAD……

  14. Kim’s hair is pulled so tight it made her eyes slant, and her lips pucker, and not for a kiss.

  15. Yes, we need photos like this!

    And, the contouring on Kim’s boobs and colar bones. Really? Kim needs one of those spatulas for scraping glue after removing wallpaper, and then a huge plastic trash bag.

  16. Yep, the real disgrace is white women who fall for the spiel of ghetto BLACKS!

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