Kim Kardashian and her fiancee Kris Humphries and THE RING are in Minneapolis visiting his family and the couple was seen loading up on items for a cookout on Saturday – at Costco! According to our hardworking pal CJ at the Star Tribune, they had a cart full of bratwurst, chips, soda, etc when they paused at a bin full of watermelons. Kris turned to Kim and asked “How do you tell when a watermelon is ripe?” Kim made an “I don’t know” face, but a helpful stranger offered “I can help you” and showed them how to tap the melons for the ripe sound. Imagine tapping watermelons at Costco wearing a two million dollar ring!




  2. Gerard I hate to even waste time commenting on your brainless comments, but I can’t resist: How do you accuse them of any kind of racism when they are Armenian, Khloe is married to a black man, and Kim has dated black men? Do you just open your mouth and dumb shit falls out at your feet? You must be about buried up to the neck by now!

    Why don’t you and the other moron on this site get together and give eachother a mutual handjob or better? I’m sure strom will gladly suck you and you will agree to 69 with him if you can both find your tiny penises under the huge folds of your bellies that is.

  3. i think her fiancee is “Black” too, isn’t he?
    he looks mixed to me.

  4. Wonder if he tapped Kim’s ass to see if it’s ripe?

  5. I still think that ring is gaudy, but it fits right in with high-maintenance Kim Kardashian. Shame on her, flashing that around when people have lost their homes. Did her parents never teach her any good manners? She has absolutely NO class whatsoever.

  6. @Nina – Why do rich people have to apologize for being rich or “play down” appearances for the sake of others? I’m no fan of this type of famous-for-being-famous twit, but Kim played the game, a pitiful segment of the population bought into it, and now she’s reaping the rewards. That’s how this country rolls.

  7. Just the way you are / Thank you Billy Joel!!
    Kris to Kim:
    don’t go changing—trying to please me–you never let me down before……
    I love you just the way you are..
    The engagement might be fun and all the rage, but the real work and responsibility starts the day that Kris Humphries and Kim K. get hitched (uh married). As much as this “show of affection” is heating up, it is Nothing in comparison to the seriousness of Kim K. No longer being able to shed her clothes at the drop of a hat and always glaring front and center at the first Kamera on the scene, and of course hanging daily around Mama Pimp Kris lining up activities to put these Newly Weds on constant display.
    Now if that is the lifestyle that works for both of these two cuddling lovebirds, then of course the faithful Kardashian follows will be in a position to overdose on more Kardashian barbwire than they will ever be able to swallow. PEACE!!

  8. This is more than likely a man-made diamond, which can be purchased for way less than $2Mil. And the average person can not tell the difference. Phony ring……phony K-Klan. Where is Kris’s brain to get mixed up with this trash.

  9. Which celebrity has basically signed his life away because he is in love. The thing is he has agreed to have himself portrayed however the Executive Producer wants him portrayed in a reality show. Whatever it takes for ratings. Oh, and if the ratings do not improve, then he will be saying goodbye very soon. One more thing. He is getting paid scale. The minimum. Hardly anything. Tip money at the places she makes him go.

    Kris Humphries

  10. This lady is living’!!!! Living High on The Hog and she is used to be treated like a Queen and when you grow up with a silver spoon…Your Rich and your used to having the best and to be treated like your really some body and This is true about this little lady and Her Ass is the Bomb and her body is banging and she is really pretty and lovely to look at each day? But love is love and some people have money like that and she does what others dream about and of course we poor folks are lucky and able to take a look at how crazy this people can get carried away with spending money!!!!It is crazy and strange and weird and it would not be me spending money like that if I Was Rich and to walk around with a 2million dollar ring seems really crazy to me. In life your going to have to pay a Guard for the next 50 years to Guard the ring on your finger and that is Nuts.

  11. @Reta “Do you just open your mouth and dumb shit falls out at your feet? You must be about buried up to the neck by now!”

    LOL!!!!!! LOVE THE VISUAL!!! LOL!!! 🙂



    Hope you had a great Fourth! We didn’t get to eat until late yesterday. I was starving to death. My stomach thought my neck had been cut. lol 🙂

    If she really loves him, she won’t be advertising herself as much (publicly). She won’t feel the need to and hopefully she will be more settled. However, if not, then maybe she isn’t in love with him but just in love with the process of courtship and marriage.

  12. Amazing and of course Kris is more than half black as that explains it all. A white man would run from her like a sprinter. I feel bad for the future of Kris who seems like a nice guy, will have when the reality that his wife has been done by more than a baker’s dozen of BLACK men and maybe a few white’s. Kris is a tall guy so hopefully has enough equipment to fill a very well used hole.

  13. I’m sure she could afford a fancy new vagina, Strom.

  14. The “tapping” method for selecting watermelons is BS. Unless what you want is a mealy dry melon.

    The way to select a red ripe sweet watermelon is to look for a melon that has a very large pale yellow spot on one side. That means that the sugars have been pulled into the flesh & that the melon sat untouched in the field while it ripen. The second thing you look for after looking for the pale yellow spot is to see that the melon is heavy for its size. You pick up a melon that looks like it should weigh 5 lbs and it weighs 20 you got a good one.

    I grew up next to massive argo fields, and the farmers and field workers used to tell us kids how to select the best and ripest produce and its never failed.

    And being black doesn’t mean you know anything about watermelons. And yeah I’m black but what I know I learn from Mexicans.

  15. Brats, potato chips and soda are white trash food. Big spender Kim is showing the Humphries she knows real good eats.

  16. @ Walt Cliff:
    Thank you for thinking of us!!
    I keep telling you that you are quickly building up a fan base on this site with your entertaining verses of humor.
    It was time for me to take a walk on the wild side so I went to the Zoo on Friday?
    The peacock was walking around showing off it’s majestic presence, but the first lion that I saw was “lying around” looking depressed as if he knew that he did Not belong in a d@amn Zoo. The giraffe kept coming close up with those long eyelashes. The ostrich looked like it had on a black featured tutu,and was walking around with an opened mouth smile.It was funny to see it duck it’s head down when it went into it’s cage. I wonder how many times he hit his head before he learned how to avoid hitting his head while entering it’s cage. I saw 1 tiger who seemed like he was serene in his surroundings,an absolute beautiful cat. I do Not have to tell you that the monkeys were acting like real swingers,jumping all over the place and posing for pictures. I saw a zebra wearing a pair of striped pajamas. When leaving the Zoo, the peacock was out walking around in the parking lot like it owned the place.
    Had a wonderful 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th !!
    Kim K. reminds me of when Warren Beatty was dating Madonna back in his Dick Tracy days. During her filming of Truth or Dare, it was Not edited when Warren said that Madonna wants to live her life on camera. I Never thought that the day would come that I would get to see a woman who loved publicity more than Madonna. I guess if you live long enough, you get to see the unbelievable. Speaking of unbelievable, it’s too late to be eating so I guess I’ll just drink some water and eat some ice. LOL!!

  17. Love is love and Money is Money and together they have massive amount of money to really enjoy life without stress and tention and worry about issues in hand and when they are out in public they are sharing there life and they are letting us take a peak on everything that is going on and yes if she likes black men it is okay and if it makes her happy then so be it and water melon is great if it comes out really sweet? Color and mix of people is good and healthy and it is who your attracted to and who floats your boat and who ever lights your fire and really it is about love and attraction and personality and sense of humor. But I can care less if they spend there life together and I can care less!!!!I feel zero attraction toward her husband to be and so I don’t care about the race mixing issues at hand. Kris Humphries has never been my type of man.

  18. @Mel Zipskin

    …”Walt sounds like a make-believe character. I don’t trust the too nice to be believed characters I meet on the interwebs.”



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