First Kim Kardashian announces she’s trying to keep her personal life more private, then she turns up on the arm of fellow publicity hound Kanye West! These two narcissists are a match made in heaven. They both consider themselves to be fashion experts and designers while taking credit for the talents of others. And they both love fame. Kanye used to parade his girlfriend Amber Rose around in ridiculously skimpy outfits to draw the paparazzi attention. As a pair, these two will be GUARANTEED attention from the press. And THAT will come in handy for Kanye’s new record release.



  1. Geez, for being such hated people, they sure garner a lot of press attention from all of the H8ter’s!!

    If nobody cared, it wouldn’t be news!

  2. The rest of Kim’s family is interesting to watch on their TV shows, but her personality is like watching paint dry! I never got her appeal…maybe her family putting her as the princess is one of the biggest problems with her and her all about me, me and me personality.

  3. These two egomaniacs deserve each other. Can the “leaked” sex tape be far off?

  4. I can’t see him seriously romantic with a woman. My opinion.

    This little arrangement works incredibly well for both of them.

  5. “H8ters” is not possessive in that sentence dumbshit. These jackasses(Obama’s word)exploit people’s hate. Negative attention or positive attention is the same for an attention whore.

  6. Isn’t Kanye “Crybaby” secretly gay, and Kim is a (insert any and all expletives)? Desperation seems to be the key word for these two. They will be getting their 15 minutes, and their last blast before anonymity.

  7. Cannot stand either one of them. and I too heard he was gay


  9. Kim is only able to get a BLACK man. No white guy sees her as a turn on and as mentioned she has no personality or brains but has garnered a huge amount of fame and $$$$ from reality show watchers. As she gets older it will take a huge amount of plastic surgery to keep her together.

  10. We can only hope they STAY TOGETHER and do not ‘date’ any others. This would keep all the std’s, germs, bacteria, syphillis, gonorrhea, and other gross gunk contained and not be spread around. Methinks though that this will never happen. It is too late and many who have ‘dated’ them are already infected.

  11. He’s gay, she’s a whore but they both crave fame. Who cares anymore? She isn’t fooling anyone, she has no talent other than letting men do her up the behind and he is just wacked.

  12. The bottom line is that both would want to call the shots in this super fake relationship and that can’t happen. He wants to be number one in everything and so does she.

    Eventually, he would want to try on her designer dudes and she would go ape shit because he would stretch them out. lol

  13. I try and picture an intelligent conversation from her and simply can’t. With her every other word would be “I”

  14. Not to sound like a racist, because I am not, but what does she have against white men? Every black man she has had a relationship/marriage with has failed. Every one. You’d think she’d learn.

  15. Kimmy is looking like Adrien Arpels clone! Ms.Arpel is in her 70’s and Kimmy isn’t half her age yet looks like her with all the procedures she keeps having done. Why Kim,why? Stop trashing your face..

  16. Its doubtful she can find a white guy would be interested in her for any length of time. She will just move from one BLACK to another and spread what she catches.

  17. Christine India, at least if they stay together they won’t screw up two other people.
    This is all just for publicity & it works.

  18. Palermo,

    I agree but she (Kim) would probably do in a annoying whiny voice too.

  19. She will just move from one BLACK to another and spread what she catches.

  20. The only thing these two morons give anyone is bowel movements. No one loves Kanye & Kim more then Kanye & Kim.

  21. He thinks he’s God and she must be worshiping the Anti-Christ in order to keep her 15 minutes. They both make me ill and I truly wish NO ONE would write about either of them. We have SICK SICK SICK people in the spotlight. All the talented people must be in hiding so they don’t share the front page with these 2

  22. These two make me feel sick, whether they are together or not. Just gross people with no morals.

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