Kim Kardashian took her little sister Kylie Jenner, to Las Vegas to show her the ropes (the art of getting paid for doing practically nothing.) At least she didn’t take Kylie clubbing – the sisters made an appearance at the opening of a restaurant called the Sugar Factory American Brasserie at the Paris hotel. Kim and her mom Kris hope that Kim’s half sisters Kylie, 13, and Kendall Jenner,15, will follow in their older sisters footsteps and become money machines. (Note that Kylie is already wearing false eyelashes.)

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  1. 13? I’m afraid to see what this will be in five years… when she’s 18(damn shame).

  2. Since Kim & Kourtney have entered their 30’s, they may not be as lucrative. Time to pimp out the Jenner teenagers.

  3. Let’s see. 13, and..

    * mom nowhere in sight – check

    * dress up to her crotch – check

    * fake camera smile – check

    * porn star sister showing her the ropes – check

    It’s as good as a done deal.

  4. Really! That chick is a porn star!
    And she’s America’s sweetheart?!

  5. Notice those straws are nowhere NEAR their mouths. Kim is teaching her already the fine art of not swallowing your photo ops.

    At least these two new girls have got their father Bruce’s height advantage which will help them greatly if they continue to model.

    I don’t know about the other one, but I see a nose job in this girl’s future. Bet on it! Might even plump up those thin Jenner lips too by the time she’s 18. After all, she has to compete with her older sister’s plump EVERYTHING!

  6. lmao, speaking of winning, I just heard that Warner Bros. TV has officially fired Charlie Sheen. That tiger blood is going to boil now.

    America has gone off the rails and we deserve to be laughed at. We will never fully recover from the Bush era, and that’s a fact.

  7. That’s probably more calories than they would eat in a week.

  8. Reta, maybe she’ll teach her the fine art of not swallowing. Period.

  9. I agree w/ Walt Cliff! And speaking of plastic surgery, what kind of awful work has dad Bruce Jenner had? He was ssoooo much better looking in his Olympic days. Janet, I remember a source called us at Star and swore that Jenner was taking hormones to become a woman… this would’ve been around 1988…
    whatever became of that? His face, these days,
    is really scary.

  10. Hilary, from what I understand… Bruce Jenner had plastic surgery about a year ago to get rid of the “bad” plastic surgery jobs he’d had done previously… yikes, huh?

    I wish they didn’t start these girls off so young… when you’re 13, you shouldn’t be having to watch everything you do (food, weight, etc.)… whatever happened to just having fun and enjoying life, then when you become an adult, you do whatever it is that you enjoy???

  11. These young Jenner girl’s just don’t have “IT”. Whatever “IT” is. They are both kind of unfortunate looking, in my opinion.

  12. Bruce looks like somebody slammed a car door on his nose, could it be any thinner or weirder looking. He used to be very handsome back in the day.

  13. Bruce was, for years, on the top of the list for horribly bad plastic surgery results. His face looked yanked back in a wind tunnel. Also his hair is so thinning and then he combs it up so the light goes right thru it, which seems to be a trick of old ladies for some reason. Big, high hair, does NOT make MORE hair!

    Yes, he recently had plastic surgery to fix the bad plastic surgery. I don’t know that it worked. He just looks BAD. Period. Poor guy, because he WAS a good looking stud muffin back in the day and a real hunk in his body without the steroids. Too bad he went and did that to himself. Should be a lesson to anyone who wants plastic surgery.

  14. Let’s see, Kim has had sex with how many BLACK men? Poor younger sisters don’t have a chance. Mom will be trying to marry them off to NBA players by the time they are 18.

  15. To say that Kim works at doing nothing is incorrect. She is building an industry and that does not happen sitting around all day doing nothing. I think these girls actually work very hard at appearing to do “nothing” but in reality to keep consistantly relevant in the media takes a lot of work and I would venture to say she is far from lazy and actually works very hard.

  16. false eyelashes? how incredibly shocking. not to mention important.

  17. Kylie will need quite a bit of plastic surgery to get rid of that old-world Polish look, like she just got off the boat. Hand her a bucket and a mop, and a babushuka.

  18. look how pudgy and pot-bellied kim looks next to her little sister.

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