No one was more shocked than Kendra Wilkinson when her performance on “Dancing with the Stars” turned out to be lukewarm. She was the odds-on FAVORITE at the start of this season due to her age, looks, and athletic ability. When 60 year old Kirstie Alley outscored the Playboy model, everyone was surprised. Competitive Kendra said she was “nervous” and now she’s rehearsing like a mad woman, determined to show her stuff. This will be quite a competition because Kendra has all the Playmates and Playboy associates voting for her, while Kirstie has all the Scientologists voting for her. We’re guessing that being a Scientologist will pay off for Kirstie.



  1. Lukewarm? Her performance was awful. Shaking your boobs and booty doesn’t work in ballroom dance. I like Kendra, but she needs to put the stripper moves away.

  2. Kick Kendra to the Kurb, ASAP.

    I want to see how much weight Kirstie can lose. She already seems to have lost a lot. Apparently she was the best technical dancer of them all. Go get em Kirstie, Scientologist or not!!

  3. I go for the underdog. Kirstie to the top! That clueless bimbo has people voting for her? I don’t think so…

  4. I’m team Kirstie all the way. This hagged out old stripper/prostitute needs to go, she can’t dance unless she has a pole.

  5. I have a tendency to put Kendra in the hooker category because that is basically what service she provided for old Hef and whoever else. In her book, she writes about her nights with Hef and waiting her turn for a 1 minute ride on Hef’s wrinkled wand in front of all of the other chosen bunnies for that night.

    I hate to say it but I have to pick the cult loving, alien worshiping scientology hag, Kristie. I pick her because she is giving it everything she has got. Have you seen the photos of her after practice? He is barefoot and wiped out. (I would be too.) She has been successful lately in losing the weight. Keep in mind she is a big boned lady on top of that. You know she is sweating like a pig and every part of her body is sore and swollen and yet…….she keeps going and continues to improve.

  6. she is NOT big boned for gods sake
    if you recall what she looked like on cheers that was FAR from big boned…..
    please. she had a great figure! and will again….
    not to get off topic but when Pam Grier was on orca recently she described herself as a big boned woman…but when you saw older photos of her as well, when she was younger, shit, she was SLENDER!! I think ”big boned” is some bullshit phrase women like to use on themselves or others use just because they got/get fat, period. it happens. specially with age….and being less active.

    that aside KIRSTIE ALL THE WAY and she will drop the pounds with this routine!!

    kendra is a no body. not really.

  7. the eartquake in japan was very serious but kirsty ally dancing was almost similar.

  8. Hey Hedda, “big-boned” refers to body frame. Some women have tiny frames but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fat…..or that they have to be skinny. Some people have average frames….some people have large frames.

    I have seen Kristie when she was skinny and fit looking in movies and on tv. Even though she was pretty and skinny, she still has a big frame. I am not talking about height (although she is tall). Look at her shoulder span compared to extras that are on the show or in the movie. I am not a fan of hers but I do try to be fair about what I see. I have seen her in public a couple of times back in the eighties (when she was still with Parker). She was very pretty and during that particular time she was indeed skinny. However, one of the things I noticed was that she was that she was a good sized woman and had large shoulders.

  9. If Kirstie keeps staying on (via votes of Scientologists), you can bet she will plug SCI and tell millions of viewers that it is the power of Xenu that is helping her learn to dance. All the bigwig SCI’s (Cruise, Revolting) will have the SCI slaves manning phones voting for her. If she wins, or even comes in the top 5, the sheeple will be lining up to join Scientology. And so the demon cult will continue to grow and bilk more money out of the idiots. Pity the poor fools.

  10. or maybe the fact that Kirstie has been a household name for over 20 years will help too

  11. Kirstie’s dance routine was really good! She knew how to move, she had the facial expressions right, a real performer. Some of the other thinner ladies were stiff and just couldn’t dance. Give credit where credit is due.

  12. I don’t even watch Dancing with the Stars so I prob’ly shouldn’t have an opinion, but of course I do! I hope Kirstey Alley wins it because I’ve been hearing some really good things about her dancing, and she sure has lost some weight. Kendra? I can’t imagine her dancing anything but a pole dance… and ewwww, whoever wrote about her “1 minute” moments with Hef, I so didn’t need to hear that… lol

  13. Kirstie’s dancing was much better than Kendra’s. And despite the mandatory Playboy platinum hair and big fake boobs, Kendra is completely devoid of sexiness.

  14. I hate Scientology with all my might. But I HOPE Kirstie Alley tromps this trollop.

  15. Indy, you’ve completely lost your mind if you think just because Kirstie might make it longer on the show that there will be droves of blindly numb people lining up to be brainwashed by Kirsties minions. You better watch out, you sound like someone maybe snatched YOUR mind already!

  16. PS…Indy, what “demon cult” are YOU involved with? you obviously have something serious you believe in so I’m sure you attend meetings of some sort too, huh? So, why attack OTHER people’s beliefs if you aren’t willing to expose your own? I believe you said before you were “Christian” but that really dones’t mean a thing. There are a lot of different versions of what “Christians” supposedly believe. Care to share?

  17. 1) I just heard this as a quick (gossip)blurb about her getting votes from Scientologist celebrities and their friends. Honestly, I can’t remember where.

    2) Southern Baptist.

  18. I went once to a southern Baptist church service, and the people were real friendly, and decent, but I didn’t care for their version of religion. Attending a Baptist church is a good way to find a decent husband. Maybe boring, but decent.

  19. Bettye, I too have some familiarity with baptists. It explains a lot about Indy’s over-zealot posturing and her ability to know all in the rhelm of The Afterlife. Baptists are really good at telling OTHER people have to live and what they should believe and what will happen to them if they don’t. Hope snake handling isn’t part of her routine!

  20. Reta, snake handling is practiced by off-the-wall, over-the-top Pentecostals, and I think their churches are located in woodsy places where snakes are known to be. You knew that, right? This practice boggles my mind; I hate snakes with a deep fear. In fact, the tats of David Beckham looks like a snake, which makes me somewhat dislike him.

    FYI, just about all religions, INCLUDING SCIENTOLOGY, are in your words…”really good at telling other people how to live”.

  21. Kendra’s hubby seems to be keeping a low profile but she will get the BLACK Baptist vote for certain.

  22. There both gonna lose, the football player dude rocked it to the moon!

  23. Is Reta the group leader of this site or something? She certainly appears bossy, a know-it-all and self-righteous.

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