Kendra Wilkinson’s shirt says that she is not sorry, but apparently her husband Hank Baskett IS. Their marriage has been questionable since he was accused of consorting online with a talkative transgender model. Kendra IS very upset about the situation, but insiders predict they will not divorce. First of all, Hank is a really nice guy and a rare find, and second, money is a big issue for the pair right now. A divorce would break the bank.

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  1. Kendra is very plain looking w/o makeup. What she has reason to be sorry about is “going BLACK” early and often. It is a disgrace to her race and to Hank’s as well.

    What she wont have to worry about is Hank taking up with a BLACK woman.

  2. She was on Celebrity Wife Swap. The husband treats Kendra like she is a jewel. Some things can be overlooked, at least, until the little boy is 18.

  3. Once your spouse cheats on you, the trust is GONE. You can stay in the marriage — remember Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford? — but it is NEVER the same. I couldn’t stay — but Hollywoodland has a whole different table of contents than us regular folks when it comes to these sorts of transgressions. I think that Kendra WILL get a divorce because this is NOT the first time Mr. Nice Guy has cheated. Enough is enough. She was a reality show star before he came into her life… and w/ or w/out him, she’ll continue to be!

  4. If he’s tempted and addicted to exploring some fetish desires.. gonna lie, sneak off to play with his variety of paramours.. the wife and child pays on any disease, notoriety and trouble he brings to their home..

  5. Didn’t the douchebag KNOW he would get caught? For whatever reason, they’re celebrities, and they’re in a goldfish bowl. He must be really naive to think this wouldn’t get out.

  6. @Gmitse Korea:
    No she’s not a prostitute.
    You’re despicable for calling her that.

  7. She was one of Hefner’s “3 girlfriends” Is that not prostitution?

  8. She was very happy to use her charms for a payday and service Hef as required. Her looks have gone away and she has shown by taking up with BLACK Hank that she has even less class than people thought! Its probably not her first BLACK rodeo, though.

  9. @Gmitse Korea:
    No it’s not prostitution, look up the word hetaira for a more accurate description of what she was for Hefner.
    Remember, if Hefner is paying for sex, why isn’t he also attacked with an insulting term?
    Isn’t he more culpable, as it’s easy to get sex for free in our society?

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