Kelsey Grammer, 55, is famous for falling madly in love overnight and falling OUT of love just as quickly. He’s done it again. His wife Camille just filed for divorce July 1, and already Kelsey has a new blonde girlfriend who’s PREGNANT. She’s Kayte Walsh, an English flight attendant on Virgin Atlantic Airways, and she’s 29 years old. Kayte’s father confirmed to the Daily Mail that she’s expecting and he’s a Frasier fan so he’s quite happy for her. Kayte seems to be a cut above the strippers and Playmates that Kelsey is usually attracted to.


  1. Pull out, wear a condom or have oral sex. You are just stupid and she is sooo rich in the future.

  2. She’s not a “cut above.” She’s a stereotype… so is he. She memorized the Gold-Digger Handbook and think’s she’s now scored. He is no better than Mel Gibson, Larry King, or any of the rest of them. Grotesque.

  3. How is she a cut above a stripper? Strippers earn their money. She met a rich, famous and very stupid married man, immediately started banging him and got pregnant to ensure a steady stream of income for life. The fact that she looks better than Oksana doesn’t make her a better person.

  4. Kelsey has always reminded me of a little old woman really set in his ways, such as everything in its place, a creature of habit, etc.

    I don’t think she is that great looking, but instead rather common-looking. She’d better hope he doesn’t demand a DNA test to see if it is his. Did he think she has been sitting at home doing nothing just waiting for a stupid rich dork to come along.

  5. A cut above? Well, she is not stripper pretty, not really pretty at all. And she did have a job that did not involve wearing clear acrylic platform shoes. But Grammer has been dating bimbos for the last 20 years. Is this supposed to be progress?

  6. Is this the new way to make sure you get a bunch of money? Get knocked up by someone famous? All these women boffing actors yet none appear to have heard of birth control. And what about these men? Do they want a lifetime of child support for a woman they barely remember???

  7. The man is an utter ass. Who sleeps with a total stranger in 2010 without a condom? He deserves any misery he gets, I only feel for the baby.

  8. Another site says Kelsey is two years OLDER than her father. Sexy, huh? Wow, I sure could get turned on for a dude two years older than MY dad (NOT!)…I guess she didn’t pay any attention to the name of her airplane…Virgin.
    He’s got to be the stupidest man in show business!

  9. She & Kelsey look like brother & sister!! Same nose! A cut above???? Above who??? She’s a gold digger getting pregnant right away to start the cash flow and quit working! Looking like Kelsey means she’s NOT attractive. He’s another idiot who doesn’t wear condoms! They are disgusting!

  10. That’s the smile of woman who just hit the lifetime lottery.

  11. Sad that a man his age has to fool around with a girl that is young enough to be his daughter. Kelsey needs to concentrate on the children he has already.

  12. Well, DeniseQ, as you point out, SHE is one of the children he already had.

  13. She is the Blond in Blond ambition. Blond being the operative word. Kelsey Grammer does not know his shorts from his underwear in the matters of love. Its all about his number 1 ambition “getting laid”. After 13 years of marriage he is not turned on with one woman he must diversify. He is living the life every man wants to. Kids, women, money, everything. Who could ask for more?. Yet he is never satisfied. Just goes to show you money cant buy everything. What does he think his kids are going to feel like?. I guess he does not care everything his soon to be ex sacrificed career, peace, but then again all these marriages are like business contracts or leases . You pull out early and you have to pay the maintenance, child support, etc… “pull out early” not being the operative word. Its ironic if he would have pulled out early his girlfriend would not be pregnant. Sadly, she lost her baby. His children will suffer the most . We women get over guys but kids well, its just not fair.

  14. A cut above? SERIOUSLY? (Someone either needs glasses or a stronger prescription!) That is one WRAG MOP looking women!!! SHE’S ONLY TWENTY-NINE? I can’t believe it! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! She’s so homely she HAD to dye her hair blond; because, with that schnozola and those horse teeth, everyone would would be focused on that FACE! Kelsey is clearly one of those imbeciles who is blinded by blond hair and doesn’t notice the face! (Camille’s no Jaclyn Smith, herself; but, she’s hotter than than this “broke done mess of ugly”!)

    Hey Kelsey! Know how to tell when you are old? When young women you wouldn’t have given the time of day to in your youth start looking good to you – simply because they are younger! When absolutely ANYONE with tighter skin than yours looks good to you! Get a clue! In the looks department, you DEFINITELY TRADED DOWN!

    He’s a MORON! What kind of loser 29 year old woman is with a 55 year old man? The ugly and/or gold-digging kind! (Hell, I’m 48; and, I’ve never been with a man who is as old or looks as old Kelsey!)

    Kelsey, don’t let her get cosmetic surgery! She can buy looks; but, your old ass can’t buy youth! If she starts looking good, she will be screwing a hot, young guy behind your back in 2 seconds!

    Camille seems like a bitch on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”; but, Kelsey married her. He has children with her. He cheated on her; and, when a FATHER cheats on the mother, HE CHEATS ON HIS CHILDREN! Kelsey couldn’t be faithful to Camille or the children he had with her! Kayte cheated with him! They didn’t deserve a child; and, no child deserves such lying cheating scum buckets for parents! The child with whom Kayte was pregnant is in a better place now than had it been born to those self-centered, inconsiderate people!

    Hey, Kayte! Ever heard Dr. Phil say, “If they’ll do it to you, they’ll do it with you?” Kelsey’s track record sucks! You don’t look as good as Camille now; and, I can look at you and see you won’t age well! When you get old, Kelsey gets bored, the going gets tough, or all of the above, Kelsey will find another young blond, you moron! HE’LL CHEAT ON YOU, TOO! When he does, I doubt many people will feel sorry for you! YOU WILL DESERVE IT! You sleazeball! What goes around comes around!

  15. when people put there lifes out there on tv its hard not to say it what is she 10! he was married with kids and now its like off like a dirt shirt on with a new one. sad

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