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Okay, this picture of Kelly Osbourne (LOVE the hair!) scampering out of a Beverly Hills pharmacy with a prescription bag DOES make you want to guess what’s inside. Any suggestions out there?


  1. What’s in her bag:
    1) Head-shrinking drugs
    2) Lip gloss
    3) Eye liner
    4) Mints
    btw I like ol’ Kelley she always tells it like it is.

  2. i hope diet pills for her and her mother who is a COW!

  3. Judging by the look on her face, I’d say the Morning After pill.

  4. Say is that the new iphone she’s got in her hand?
    Looks more like small bag of Krispy Kreme donuts.
    Wonder why she doesn’t wear like some blue jeans, running shoes and say like a polo shirt and a baseball cap and try and hide some of those tattoos.
    That girl needs to have that girl next door look. One has to wonder, what’d she’d look like on all four some sexy bottoms (top optional)… nothing nude showing and of course, looking back at the camera with a twinkle in her eye…
    Ladies get your man to get a picture of you like that. If he rejects that idea – he’s not interested in you, but your his maid. A real man would love a great photo of his mate like that.

  5. You know in Memphis in WC Handy Park just off of Beale Street there’s a vendor who “paints on tattoos” with an air brush so those tattoo’s aren’t forever.
    They ought to do a story about this kind of a tattoo. You ought see the line of young people lining up to get a spray on tattoo. If it looks like heck it’ll wear off in a few days.
    I mean, states should have a policy in place for anyone under 21 years of age to have one of these temporary tattoos put on them in place of a forever tattoo.
    Just to make sure, the person is sober and really wants it forever.
    You know the Russia Mafia as well as some motorcycle gangs here in the US – mark their ‘ladies of the evening’ with their logo… Wouldn’t it be hell if you had that tattoo on your back and didn’t know it and some biker thought you were a chick that was an informant. No doubt, your life would be over big time. Or worse, your in Russia vacationing and some mafia guy kidnaps you and the next thing you know your in some brothel force to screw a bunch guys without a condom.

  6. You guys sure know your drugs.
    You’d think somebody could make a home remedy tattoo remover…
    Which burns a few layers of skin off and all you have is a nasty looking scar… Just tell everybody it was from a motorcycle accident years ago.
    That hot exhaust pipe from your Harley when you laid it over.

  7. I would guess a 30-day supply of NoneofYourFuckingBusinessatrex.

  8. Yes, the haircut is cute and she’s losing weight, maybe she’s picking up more Alli, the new diet pill and some Adderol. And who wears heels to the drugstore unless it’s a 9-5 girl after work!

  9. She is so beautiful. Tried to post this on CelebSlam, but their comments section doesn’t work. Probably bc pills. Doesn’t anyone get that she has turned what she has been given into a work of art? Remember Streisand, esp. in A Star is Born???

  10. It depends what is going on and what type of medications some one needs? But at one time Kelly was really out of shape and over weight and she did go on dancing with the stars and lost some seriuos Weight and it just looks like she has turned her life around and had a child later and her family are working out problems and addressing all issues and I know they had the show The Osbourne Family show that gave us some facts about issues in there lives.

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