britcutcarbf.jpgWe’ve established that Britney Spears’ muscular companion is really more than a bodyguard. And less than a boyfriend. Actually, there’s no romance, but the guy has many talents – he’s a bodyguard, a manny for the kids, and most important of all, he keeps the people he’s working with OFF drugs. While Britney was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, her right hand man had his own bedroom. And it happens Kevin Federline is relieved to know the guy is keeping an eye on Britney and the kids.

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  1. So I guess he’s Britney’s nanny, too. It’s a shame she’s not mature enough to take care of herself, let alone those kids. She’s a disaster! This guy has his work cut out for him.

  2. Oh cares already. It’s about time this train wrecked.

  3. There aren’t many hits on this website. Because it’s BORING

  4. Can he do anything about her clothes, hair, and makeup?
    And how about giving her a reprimend on how she is treating her mother?

  5. The bodyguard/manny looks a bit like the actor Paul Sand (about 30 years ago). Anyone out there remember him?

  6. He likes guys.. she’s running at top speed down hill for has-been slut heaven to be their queen.. who cares?!
    This is just boring rehash from last week..

  7. hey dude-can you please drive her back to Louisiana?

  8. It is great to have a Guard who really cares and watches her and her son and to have people around who are clean is great too and of course she has to worry about fans and other people who are trying to take advantage or trying to hang out and use her is something she needs to watch like a Hawk and it is better to be safe then sorry and it is great that she has two Handsome sons which are a total blessing and stay safe Spears family and friends and love ones.

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