Keith Richards and some of his cute rock n’ roll family went to the premier of Johnny Depp’s movie Sweeney Todd in New York. Why the UK’s Daily mail compares Keith’s looks to Freddie Kruger is beyond us, but his wife Patti Hansen and daughter Alexandra more than make up for it.

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  1. The comparrison with freddy krueger is quite allright but I think Catweazle is a better example because they both love kids. But I have a deep, I mean DEEP RESPECT for his woman to sleep next to this “creature”!!

  2. he is 1 ugly fellow. she propably has to fantasize when in bed that he’s one cute guy if they even make love to each other anymore?

  3. The Krueger comparison is most likely due to his attire plus the hat which is very signature Freddy.

  4. He’s quite lucky to be alive-
    Besides, unlike alot of other famous beings, he doesn’t try to be something he’s not.
    What you see (whether you like what you see OR NOT) is what you get.
    You don’t see many pics of him because he lives quietly when off the road.
    Seems like he has a great marriage & family.
    I’m digging that someone from my time frame is still cool like that.

  5. Thank God their daughter took after her mum. The world does not need another Rumer Willis.

  6. Nice to see women who marry men for their looks and brain rather than their wallets…

  7. He is what he is and doesn’t need cosmetic surgury. He’s a fabulous real person. Yay Kieth!!!

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