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Much fuss was made over the fact that Suri Cruise reportedly received over $40,000 worth of Christmas gifts, including a Victorian playhouse and a miniature Mercedes Benz car. It was assumed that Katie indulged her little girl but that’s improbable because Katie and Suri live in a NY apartment – where would these toys be used? Since Tom Cruise is competing heavily for his daughters’ attention, it’s far more likely that HE cleverly bought her lavish toys that she can only use when she’s at his house in Los Angeles. That’s a great way to win her over so that she doesn’t want to leave daddy’s house. Can puppies and a pony be far behind?
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  1. Eh sounds like BS I’m not convinced she spent Xmas or TG with Tom at all usually he’d produce pics where are they? He’d not give up that PR moment

  2. I think all this vying for Suri’s love is making Katie a nervous wreck and you can see she is getting thinner, esp. in the face. I’ll bet the tiny one is hoping she will get sick so he can request more visitation and thereby further coerce Suri into their child appropriate SCI lessons. He will never give her entirely over to Katie’s Catholic religion. They are both messing up the poor little rich kid’s mind.

  3. Suri’s smart and he is so rarely wanting her around she’ll play him like a champ for special treats and indulgences and mom will smile and become so proud.. Suri and her dad have some kind of nice relationship..

  4. well, a mother know’s by nature what is right for their son or daughter.


  5. Katie originally signed the kid up for a Catholic school in NYC, then instead went for a new, hyped, glitzy charter school without any provenance in education. Get the kid back in Catholic school where values and ethics are taught without the religion as Catholic schools cater to families who value excellence in education. The kid needs to learn that there is more to life than things. That’s the only way Katie can get any headway in tom’s ugly view of life.

  6. I think Suri Cruise is not Tom’s biological daughter and he has not been seen with her after that June visit. If Katie bucked the Scientology system and took Suri with her, surely she was declared a suppresive person along with Suri which means Tom Cruise needs to cut them off. I think for appearance purposes it will look like he is trying to maintain a relationship with Suri but I think he will be distant from her the same way Nicole was distant from Connor and Isabella. Katie will eventually remarry after she realizes she is not going to become an A list actress and will fade to the background. There are too many talented actresses in Katie’s age range and younger that producers are willing to bank on than Katie Holmes. Don’t want to sound mean or negative but in the last 5 years during her marriage to Tom she got a lot of employment opportunities in many areas: Broadway show, magazine covers, television cameos, movies, and even a fashion line. That’s a lot to cover in 5 years so it was like the clock was ticking (or the marriage contract) and Katie just did not excel or break out as a leading actress or really anything in the last few years and she is 34 years old. She is still relatively young but unless you are a talented actress like Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Katie Winslet, Anne Hawtheway, etc., your years in Hollywood are numbered. These actresses will work through their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s but the other starlets will fade away. There are a lot of actresses that are talented and not working. I think Katie will eventually move out of expensive New York and move to Ohio after she realizes she is back to square one. Time will tell. Suri on the other hand will shuttle between Tom Cruise IF he actually starts spending time with her and try to win her over for Scientology especially if Suri grows up and becomes an attractive young lady. Was Katie smart to leave Cruise? I wonder WHY did she even get involved with him and play with fire (Scientology).

  7. I agree Suri is not his bio daughter and she and Tom have no real relationship but I also think that Katie and Suri will stay in NYC regardless..

  8. Well I do believe she is his daughter. But that being said.

    1. Kids learn to manipulate their parents pretty quick, especially when there is a divorce.
    2. EVERY divorced couple will compete for the kids affection, especially the non-custodial parent.
    Kate spoiled Suri so much when married to Tom so why would she stop now. I don’t think Tom was insisting that Suri wear high heels and lipstick at 4 years old. That was Katie totally giving this spoiled child what she wanted. Don’t believe Tom is the monster people try and make him.

  9. No way in HELL is she his biological kid, he would not have caved in like he did. If she were really his, he would have full custody, bet on it. We heard decades ago from his first wife that he was sterile. He had no kids with her, he had none with Nicole other than adopted. And speaking of those two kids, did Nicole get custody of them? No way.

  10. At least the child is smiling. Normally she looks absolutely miserable.

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