The more we see of Prince William’s fiancee Kate Middleton, the more impressed we are. She appears to be a great natural beauty with a model’s figure. Even her hair seems to be all hers. Designers everywhere are salivating at the prospect of having her wear their creations. Given her royal future, Kate will have to give up her fishnets, sequins, and baseball caps. We were particularly amused to learn that the Queen officially announced the couples modern engagement on Facebook and the royal Twitter site.


  1. HaHaHa! “Her hair seems to be all hers”, which is more than you can say for William!

  2. Perish the thought that I should ever find fault or pick apart anyone (lol)…but Kate seems to look different in every pic, sometimes much better than others, such as when there’s good lighting. She does seem rather thin and have a boyish figure in certain clothes, like the gown.

  3. Well, another nice girl brought into a wolves’ den… see how long before she lasts.

  4. She is Beautiful and I’m sure she will make a great Queen someday. William seems like a very intelligent young man with the same amount of class and intelligence as his mother.

  5. LOL at her hair is hers. I’m not sure when the trend started in the US for young white girls who surely have enough hair of their own to all start wearing weaves, but it was a stupid idea and one day when they are old their bald patches are going to tell the story.

  6. Kate is no Lady Di — she is very middle class and comes from a matriarchal family (her mother made the money and called the shots). Wills know what he has got — a strong, intelligent, sensible young lady — but the courtiers…? They are either shaking in their boots or fooling themselves into thinking they can change Kate. Years from now, after it has all played out, we will get the story of what happens. That will be a very interesting read.

  7. Muffin, come on. Diana was a Sloane Ranger dimwit, whose only skill was manipulating the press the reap revenge against her in-laws. And, in the end, she brought about her own demise.

  8. I think even Princess Di herself admitted she didn’t consider herself to be smart. I have a feeling Kate is smarter and I’m thrilled she is a natural beauty, unlike American girls and their fake hair, fake teeth, fake boobs, fake faces.

  9. Luv her! Luv the story. So good to hear good news, sweet romance, commitment. So good to not be talking about Linsay’s drug problems, Paris & Kim’s porn movies. Keep the good stories coming. Lot’s of Wills & Kate! She looks so sweet, elegant and poised.

  10. I heard an 80-year old English gent who knows all the foibles of the Royal Family say this: In the English tradition, as in most monarchies, kings, princes,dukes, earls, almost always have a mistress/mistresses on the side. It is expected of them, and the wife has little say in it. It is of course very discreet, but has been going on for centuries.

  11. Actually, Lenny, she and Will are the same race so no distinction necessary. Not quite the same situation as Tony and Eva or Kim and Reggie, is it?

  12. Strom, why do I get the feeling you sit around with a skin-color chart and various related paraphernalia?

    FYI, William’s father’s family is basically German, and his mother was landed gentry, which is Norman, which is Norse/Nordic. Kate, being a regular Brit would be a true mutt, and she would have the blood of the very original inhabitants of the British Isles — brown people. So, there may very well be the race difference between William and Kate as, say, Tony and Eva.

    There is no such thing as racial purity, so your insistence on defining one people as separate from another suggests a mental illness.

  13. I, like others, am mind boggled by the seeming inability to grow one’s own hair nowadays. Black, white, brown, who cares? We are all born with the ability to grow hair and I don’t understand why todays morons spend good money purchasing fake hair that looks like crap and destroys their own hair too. It was bad enough when it was just huge fake boobs we had to look at.

    THIS girl is refreshingly NORMAL and a natural beauty. She has normal breasts and hair and figure and is beautiful. I’m so happy for them, and hope Harry winds up with someone special too. Tho, I still believe he’s the horse guy’s son.

  14. So let me get this straight you don’t call white couple names, but if there a black couple you do, a mix race couple you do, a black person by themselves you do, Asians, Hispanics and gays you do. Wow, makes sense to me. I think the rest of us are all messed up.

  15. “SebastianCanada” are you really that shallow? Diana was a lovely lady from what I saw and noticed. Didn’t know her personally as it seems you must have. If your spouse had an ongoing mistress, and you knew this as you were walking down the aisle at your wedding, would this not bother you? Especially someone as nasty looking as Camilla Parker Bowles!! She took all she could take before she started to act out. Being stuck in a loveless marriage would mess any regular person up, let alone someone in her position with all the pressures and duties she was responsible for. I don’t think she signed up to be Charles’ doormat. So if you want to say that by Herrrebelling she btought on her own demise(as sick as that sounds), then I guess yah your right.

    I feel sorry for your spouse!!

  16. She’s quite pretty but I don’t see much happiness in this marriage for her. I read that the palace gave her a sit down where they informed her that there will be MISTRESSES. Apparently Wills is entitled to have them give his “royal” status. What kind of marriage is that? I cannot believe she thinks so little of herself to settle for this, there are many wealthy men a pretty girl like her could get who would treat her better. I predict a nervous breakdown followed by another messy royal divorce.

  17. STD’s and all manner of sex diseases do not discriminate. William as everyone knows was quite the party guy and uhhhh, very active. So I hope the royal doctor gives them (esp.him) a royal examination to see if anything is lurking in their bodies waiting to manifest at a later date. And what is his crazy brother Harry doing? He has been off and on with the same girl for 5 years, Chelsy Davy of So. Africa. And if Kate catches him with a ‘lady’ on the side, she may chop it off, making him a high soprano; I don’t think she would stand for it. I would want no part of this family, because you are always under a microscope.

  18. Yes her figure is much like Jackie Kennedy. No implants to be noticed, and no ghetto hoops. British heritage for a long time.

  19. Indy I think Harry and Chelsy broke up and I haven’t read anything about them starting up again. Heard she dumped him via changing her status on Facebook.

    Re Kate. I think she knows what she’s getting into. 8 years is a long time, and a lot of William’s carrying on was done under her nose. She also (I believe) would have to have a gynaecological exam to make sure she can have children. I think Diana did.

  20. PS She’s not quite a natural beauty. A little plastic surgery goes a long way.

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