Just when you thought Kanye West couldn’t put his foot farther into his mouth- he managed to top himself on Jimmy Kimmel! Every conversation with Kanye quickly turns to bragging about himself. He declares himself to be a “creative genius” and an “artist” (aren’t these compliments that OTHER people make are supposed to say about you?) Apparently he feels that brilliant artists like himself are superior to others and should be treated as such. He went on to say All I care about is protecting my girl and my baby!” From WHAT? we’d like to know. Terrorists? Kanye also told Jimmy that Kim Kardashian should have a star on the Walk of Fame – the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce turned her DOWN – “no reality stars!” Kanye is furious and says “These people aren’t modern.” Jimmy Kimmel managed to keep his composure throughout the tirade.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Kanye is so full of bull. He tries to convince us that he’s a genius and so creative – that without him, the world can’t go on. He’s actually very insecure — and needs to boost his ego every chance he gets. He calls Kim, “his girl” — what a compliment to Kim. This relationship will never last. What does Kim see in him??? I’m sure, she’ll figure it out in due time. That’s right – Kim shouldn’t have a Star on the Walk of Fame — Give me a break!!! It’s all about Kanye. Did u notice, Kanye never looked Jimmy Kimmel in his eyes.

  2. Yes, insecurity to an extreme degree. I heard that his last beard, Amber something, made fun of his uh, abilities in the sack to a lot of people.

    btw, if Kim had a star on Hollywood Blvd, people would spit on it and do God knows what else to it. People here cannot stand that family.

  3. He’s just a chucklehead. It’s a shame that his mama never taught him to be humble.

    Well, when his star crashes – and it will – he’s in for a rude awakening to find out he is not but a mere mortal. Oughta be a blast to watch!

  4. He is laughed AT because his wife has had more BLACK meat in all of her openings than any so called celebrity.

  5. anybody who believes that Kanye and Kim are a real couple is confused

  6. he is just a sad black boy who still kisses the ass of white F*ggots.
    he hoped by hookin’ up with kim everything would become easier for this black failure.

    ………But It Isn’t, hahahahahahahahaha!!

  7. Juxtapose, go away, and take your meth addled buddy Strom with you, you are sickening

  8. Janet, this website used to be fun, but it’s become a haven for race haters, homophobes, misogynists and perverts. Please exercise some moderation.

  9. Poor Henry….I dont believe anyone hates because of race or anything else…the point I make is that they also do not deserve special attention or priviledges because of race or pervesions either. Many on here want to wave a rainbow flag and insist others agree with and respect them for it….no way jose!

    Use your free Obama phone and call the thought police!

  10. Strom and xyz have never appreciated irony apparently …. of all the people to respond to DMHenry’s post.

    perfect proof, btw hate speech, is not protected speech !

  11. Good god this man-child is simply so insecure and unsure of his every move he has to throw it everyone’s face that he is indeed a genius and the rest of us have yet to catch on. Wrong Kanye, you are not a genius, you had one good record which other people wrote and every sense only the media and the critics seem to like you. You scream about Corporate America hold down the blacks but hang out with people like Anna Wintour who gives you way too much of her time and you scream about whites and yet you hook up with a white woman who loves the very limelight you say you hate. Kanye West is no genius, he is like the Wizard of Oz, he screams about this and that but behind the curtain is a very scared man. He is as big of a fake as his girlfriend’s ass and nothing more.

  12. The great BLACK enabler has spread all this hate and brought about a culture of dependency that the quota BLACKS thrive upon:

    “You scream about Corporate America hold down the blacks but hang out with people like Anna Wintour who gives you way too much of her time and you scream about whites and yet you hook up with a white woman who loves the very limelight you say you hate.”

  13. DM HENRY – You win the Best Post of the Year Award. No truer words ever spoken by anyone. Some roaches will never die no matter how much Raid is sprayed these days.

  14. And no matter how many posters hide behind fake multiple names!

    Absolutely give three cheers to your Kim and Kayne heroes!

    Then join hands and follow the Pied Piper off to your nearest Gay Pride event!

  15. T/Tom/Tommy will probably have a lot more to add to this thread.

    JC’s Daily Kardashian News for profit thread!

  16. Kanye said ?OJ was magnificent” Really? That cowardly piece of shit was magnificent? Bob Kardashian hid the garment bag which had blood evidence. He helped that coward kill those two angels from heaven. It was like he was there. He is a murderer too. Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner Ryan Seacrest Kimb Lamar Scot they all jumped on that money train Idiots use to follow Simpson around and ask for his auto graoph or a picture. Ryan and Kris tapped into it. Tell me why these jackals are treated as celebrities and I’ll show you two hacked up corpses. Even Janet is in on the action

  17. Why do people care about that old whore and her coven of whores? The blacks and stupid teen sluts have made these common streetwalkers rich. Blacks, like Kock sucker Kanye support them because Bob k helped psycho killer get over on the man. The blacks are as guilty as the coward. It’s called accessory after the fact you trash. You all killed Ron and Nicole. Hell is forever. Bob k helped the psycho killer jump those two good people. He tortured them first. Now were going to reward some slut who claims she was best friends with Nicole? Nicole didn’t like that slut Jenner. They hadn’t talked for 6 weeks before the murder. Kris Jenner is a ???? I don’t have words to describe that pos! Shame on you,you filthy whore for dishonoring the memory of Nicole and Ron. you filthy filthy whore! Your family are whores. Kanye you are a whore too! Whore!

  18. Kris pimp to her nasty succubus offspring is now talking about changing her name back to Kardashian. Isn’t that what it’s all about you paste sucker? That’s your money ticket. You own those grisly murders don’t you? You carney barker from hell! I know what your doing you greedy pig. You gotta squeeze every last drop og blood out of Ron and Nicole. When you die bitch I’m going to piss on your grave. I pissed on Bob K’s grave this morning you steaming pile of rat shit!

  19. Patty and Alex sitting in a tree tossing each other’s salads. Glee fans!

  20. sputtering @Sulu, needs much more than meds and actual human contact, maybe a re-occuring cameo on Glee would suit. Seems like he’d fit right in really, as he evidently identifies so readily with the characters. I’ve never could find the inner strength to watch the show personally.

  21. I need human contact alright. I need you to place your puckered up lips on my Irish ass you chucklehead!

  22. blah, blah, blah … ohhh that’s inventive and pathetically weak.

    Irish, ha, not bloody likely, a wannabe at best, maybe a second uncle or gran may have been Irish. More likely a fat, basement bound sub-literate American, just like Strom.

    you two, make a cute couple

  23. You sound really pretentious using the word “bloody.” You must be an intellectual. Strom, you’re a bloody provocateur.

  24. Lot’s of blather…..all about nothing but the Kardashian trash.

    No family of women has had as much BLACK meat and disgraced their race so badly.

  25. strom, your the one who hides behind multiple names. like multiple multiple.

  26. Poor Cacklista….inaccurate and hiding as usual.

    No family of women has had as much BLACK meat and disgraced their race so badly as Kardashians.

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