Kim Kardashian’s incredibly self indulgent and lavish wedding left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth except her mother Kris, who managed to turn it into a money making proposition. 72 days later the marriage was OVER and we still don’t really know WHERE all those expensive gifts ended up! Kanye West has noticed that Kim is not well liked in certain circles. This week Kim and Kanye announced that instead of baby gifts, friends should send a donation to the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Whose idea do you suppose THAT was? Certainly not Kim or her momager Kris. Of course, it was Kanye’s idea – he’s from Chicago and is involved with a number of charities there. We guess he’s tired of people badmouthing his baby mama.


  1. It would take more than donating “free” baby gift’s to get people to like her.

  2. Interesting that in all the pictures of them together, he always looks absolutely miserable.

  3. His “street cred” disappeared when he signed a contract to “date” this half wit.

  4. Who in their right mind really gives a shit who’s idea it was. The important thing is that the donations will go to the right people.

    What’s really interesting (and quite idiotic), is that Kim will never be able do anything GOOD enough to please the Kardashian haters. Jealous much?

  5. Wow…how generous of them. Why don’t they donate themselves instead of directing other people to? What about all the wedding gifts she kept? That’s precious. How about the scam she pulls selling her soiled undies on Ebay to putzes like Dorethea? What about Squatches and Lamo’s “cancer” charity” or big pimp’s church which is a tax dodge?

  6. Everything these soulless putas do is calculated to benefit them. Charity my ass. Dorathea is a idiot.

  7. “We guess he’s tired of people badmouthing his baby mama.” He better get used to it.

  8. The body language says it all. Relax everyone, Kanye and Trash are non-existent.

  9. rolo, thanks, but no thanks, for letting us in on you’re freaky shopping fetish perusing ebay for soiled underwear. Suuuuck it Dough girl

  10. I loathe both of them and the fur is the icing on the loathing cake. Disgusting.

  11. Tik tok kimmie, it’s your 15 minutes calling. You’ll soon go the way of Paris Hilton if you’re lucky.

  12. There’s not enough soap to clean Kim’s image up.

  13. Kim goes out of her way to be as tacky and trashy as she possibly can, so she deserves any negative comments she gets. I think Dorthea is probably a Kardashian or a friend. Kim does not come across as a kind, giving, or generous person; everything is all about her (she fantasizes). I wish the media would just start ignoring her like they did with Paris Hilton. Enough with the Kardashians already! Please!

  14. When your white wife has married and casually screwed a list of BLACKS there is not much you can do to change her image. Trash.

  15. My guess is the second that alleged baby comes out she has seen the last of Kanye pretending to be interested in her. He is with Riccardo Tisci by all accounts, she just thought she’d get more fame by being seen with him. As for the donations to the hospital, I would be impressed if they did it quietly but I guess the babies still benefit which is a good thing. Of course it wasn’t her idea, she is the most selfish woman on the planet.

  16. Don’t they look happy? haha! She gets whatever is comin’ to her. Living a fake and trashy life will catch up with her sooner or later.

    And that’s enough on this trash-heap of a family.

  17. Well he can try to make a silk purse out of sow’s ear too and some people might even petend that he did…but the majority of people will not. What he is trying to do is impossible she is a sociopath as is her mother. Neither of them feel shame ever. He might as well get used to his utterly bad decision. The black girls in my office call him a sell out, he says one thing but lives another. And I agree with them. She is a pig.

  18. A few things:

    It seems like kanye had a self fulfilling prophecy when he rapped about a blonde dy-ke and then about the baby momma gold digger that got him for 18 years. He had amber to his blonde dke and the gold digging Kim k has his rear end for 18 years now.

    Also, I never imagined kanye would be the classy one in the relationship, he is looking better and better by looking like Kim’s next victim. It’s like hanging out with a bunch of fat girls because they make you look thinner by comparison.

    Kim has no future, I feel bad for the stigma her offspring will have.

  19. Also, this is the only thing Kim hasn’t copied Paris Hilton on is having this baby. Oooooh maybe she’s reinventing herself, because you know she’s such a talented chameleon. She can pose two whole different way, with her asz to the camera pointing left or pointing right.

  20. Kim is just a strange person and spoiled brat. She eats junk food all day long, and wonders why she is fat. She marries a man on a rebound from her long time boy friend Reggie, that marriage lasts 72 days or so because she married an abusive idiot. If you watch their TV show everyone else in that family with the exception of Kris, has their feet on the ground all things considered, like or hate them. Kim doesn’t live in reality and Kanye doesn’t even live near her anymore. She needs to change her therapist, stat!

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