As if Amanda Byne’s parents didn’t have ENOUGH to worry about! The world is watching their 27 year old daughter spinning out of control (drugs? mental problems?) since she decided to quit acting and move to New York to become “a fashion designer.” Not only is her odd behavior documented in gossip columns, but she herself fills in the blanks on Twitter. Certainly one reason she left LA is because after driving infractions and a DUI, she lost her license. The cheek piercing and head shaving indicates that she means it when she says she doesn’t want to act. But she IS spending money as fast as she can. Now she’s decided to tap into the money she earned when she was young and her parents invested for her future. According to RadarOnline she has demanded immediate access to ALL her invested money- estimated to be 3 or 4 million – and to hell with the future.



  1. I can only imagine what her family must be going through — especially feeling completely helpless to help Bynes, who is over 18 so can do what she wants. Given her age, perhaps schizophrenia has reared its ugly head?

  2. She is a train wreck. It is sad to see her dissolve in public.

  3. Mental illness in the public’s face. Thousands of parents have to deal with this issue behind the curtain. There’s little parents can do with their adult children, many even fear for their own lives (personal knowledge). This is a huge issue that somehow, some way needs to be dealt with.

    Amanda is such a talented gal (this is what makes the whole issue so sad); her potential was huge IMHO. When she was young (like LiLo) I thought they would go really far.

  4. Very sad. I hope she consents to getting help. She was so cute and talented on The Amanda Show.

  5. Waa, Waa, Bitch is crackhead alcoholic and owes money to her dealers. Next up is sucking their (ock and being passed around to their friends for laughs.

  6. real classy @Hello, would you talk about your own kid that way ? Creepy, very f*cking creepy

  7. 990p, she is not my kid so I don’t care. She is over 18 so she is not a kid almost 30 for god sake.

  8. Next up will we see her parents going to court to get her admitted for a psychiatric hold and then committed so they can get at her finances so she can’t touch them?

  9. She’s making all of these Gossip bloggers look like fools. She’s an intelligent young Woman who was worked like a dog by her parents. She deserves the money. She is rebelling against all of the people that exploited her as a child. She isn’t Crazy. She’s just showing how crazy the Celebrity fixation is.

  10. You are you gonna do? She earned it, can’t deny So what if she wants to become the modern day Barbara Payton..

    I have to say, it’s fascinating to witness it all though (does that make me a bad person?) xo

  11. the biggest mistake she made?

  12. sorry, theres no escape for this girl. Mind control has destroyed her completely. Expect news of her dead any time now….

  13. Yeah.. dump all that loot in her egotistical-fool lap and stand back.. in a year she’ll be on the outs, seeking them.. heh

  14. what is wrong with her arm? It has a big crease in it. What is that all about?

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