Oh no! Now Kanye West is making wardrobe decisions for his little girl North also! He loves to tell his wife Kim what to wear whenever they go out together. (He also tells her to follow his example and NEVER smile) Since HIS favorite color is black, he wants the rest of his family to dress in black. Frankly, there aren’t that many black baby clothes around – maybe they had North’s spandex pants custom made. Above, they are leaving the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Hopefully, Kanye and his partner have loving plans for raising the child.

  2. I really pity that kid. More proof they arent her real parents, little to none chemistry between them.

  3. I feel sorry for North. Having those two as parents should qualify as child abuse.

  4. I would have thought Kim would have enjoyed dressing a little girl in pretty dresses and girly colors. That sweet girl looks miserable in black. Very depressing color.

  5. Her feet are forming, those ridiculous boots are not what she should be wearing. A baby dressed in black leather, please … Kanye is the most miserable b@stard on the planet. Kim is just an airhead who does anything he tells her to.

  6. I agree with the shoe choice. Those boots can’t be good for little feet. She seems to be a prop for her whole family who enjoy the extra attention she brings when they include her in their quest for “look at us”

  7. Agree with Palermo. I don’t think those tight pants would be good for her tender baby skin either. She should be in airy, comfortable cotton garments. Also, I think I have only seen pix of this baby in black or gray! That’s terrible! To take away the joy of beautiful color from a growing child is utter cruelty imo. What are they doing to their childs psyche having her spend her formative years in black and gray? You notice the child never smiles. I can’t stand k & k. Utter tools.

  8. He has a wife who is basically an imbecile and has had all her openings pummeled by an assortment of BLACK men….may be rich but that doesn’t overcome some of the other things.

  9. Let’s face it…bottom line….they are mentally ill, really really mentally ill. No other explanation.

  10. No matter what happens between Kim and Kanye whether they stay married or get divorced, they will be forever attached because of this little girl. And since Kanye is an only child and his mom passed away, he is not going to ever give up his little girl.

  11. North West is NOT like Suri Cruise where there was a lot of speculation whether she was Cruise’s biological daughter. North West looks just like Kanye.

  12. I can’t wait til the thrill is gone between these media freaks. Kim’s experiencing hell with Kanye’s unrelenting control and puts up a phony front as a happy ho-wife. No other celebrities walk around with a constant scowled face holding their baby while cameras are clicking. Poor North will grow up having scowl face syndrome.

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