When the VMA’s agreed to give Kanye West FOUR MINUTES of airtime during the live show to do WHATEVER HE WANTED TO DO, they were undoubtedly hoping for something unexpected and outrageous. Dressed in a pajama-like outfit, humorless Kanye slowly droned on and on and on… about nothing in particular. He rambled about a few headlines, a few friends in the audience. He obviously thinks the audience is FASCINATED by his every move so he doesn’t have to make an effort. When the bored crowd started chanting for “the video,” he acquiesced and introduced his video featuring an extraordinary female dancer and unmemorable music. What he lacks in innovation, Kanye more than makes up for with misplaced confidence.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

10 thoughts on “KANYE WEST IS A BORE

  1. He is as bright as his wife and just as interesting. Why would anyone watch this fool?

  2. The show was horrible.

    But Kanye was the worst part, he’s a poseur genius. This guy isn’t dumb, but he’s clearly not a genius. He’s closer to dumb than to genius. I feel sorry for him. kanye is average at best, just embrace your lot in life.

  3. All famous people are narcissists. Some just hide it better. Kanye seems proud of his narcissism oblivious to the fact that everyone else thinks it’s gross.

  4. Kanye is clearly a very disturbed human being. And if anyone suggests as such to him, just duck for cover. That’s it and that’s all.

  5. Truly one of THE least talented people who foolishly thinks he’s the biggest star in the universe. He and Donald Trump would be buddies; both with incredibly massive egos with no basis whatsoever.

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