Figure skater Johnny Weir aims to please and he’s always fun to look at – maybe because he designs a lot of his own clothes. He was surprisingly understated at a recent Logo event – flaunting a whiter shade of pale tied up in his signature big bow along with lavender patent oxfords. He did, however, have his hair piled high and just a tasteful hint of make up.

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  1. He regales in his insane and selfish wearing of fur. Screw him. May the world never hear his name again.

  2. As Ricky Gervais’s character says in Extras, there is such a thing as being too gay. Weir is so camp he makes Elton John and Little Richard gag.

  3. I couldn’t care LESS what his sexual preferences are and I don’t know why any of YOU do. It doesn’t impact YOUR life, does it? Why do you let what someone else does sexually bother you so much? He’s not asking YOU to screw him, is he? Relax, try to enjoy your OWN life and not obcess about what OTHERS are doing with theirs.

    By the way, I LOVE the shoes and wish I could have a pair like them. And I am completely heteosexual!

  4. Reta, it is not about sexual preference, not for me anyway. Weir’s level of camp is…well, off the charts. It is hard to understand how someone can be that extreme. I would react the same way to a woman who was all froufrou and kittenish, as that is camp also. I did react that way – Anna Nicole Smith drove me up the wall!

  5. SebastianCanada, I understand where you are coming from. Pamela Anderson affects me the same way, so did Anna Nicole, both extremely over the top. I GET it. But, have you ever stopped to think that there just ARE those people who for whatever reasons, that is a huge part of who they ARE. It’s part of their PERSONALITY. I say, it’s not MY cup of tea, and no one’s making me watch these people or listen to them, but they have every right to be WHO they ARE as long as their actions do not infringe on others and are legal. It’s a big planet you know, there should be room for all of us in all our own peculiararities. I mean, look at the flamboyant Massai warriors in all their traditional regalia. Now, THOSE guys know how to DRESS UP!! When we get to the point of controlling other people’s dress and mannerisms, it harkens back to the Hitler regime then, doesn’t it? I for one, would much prefer the Johnny Weirs of the world to be as flamboyant as they want than to blandly blend in with everybody else and we all become one huge beige planet marching in lockstep unable to step the slightest bit to the left. Now pass the peacock feathers please!

  6. Johnny does NOT design a lot of his own clothes. He has designed his skating costumes, but not regular clothes. The horrendous outfits he has been wearing on the red carpet lately are not his creations, but I’m sure he takes full responsibility for his ugly fashion choices. I’m just glad he’s wearing pants this time, rather than those horrible leggings/meggings. Ugh.

  7. Still LOVE the shoes and would buy and wear them for sure! But then, I have a pink car with sparkly palm trees, flamingos, and hibiscus all over it! Gotta LOVE the PINK!

  8. I think the same way about people who are called bible thumpers. There not hurting anyone. It’s there beliefs.

  9. Lenny, “Bible thumpers” ARE ok when they enjoy their beliefs and don’t use them to bash others, such as the constant homophobic remarks I read on this site from them and also the racist comments as well. IF there is a “God” then I maintain that that entity ALSO created all races and all sexualities, and according to the bible we are supposed to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, and “turn the other cheek” among many other things speaking of love and understanding, not hate and injustice.

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