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Former Sexiest Man Alive, Johnny Depp arrived at “The Tourist” premier wearing a tasteful touch of eye make up. He does have that rock star edge. We were amused at the maneuvering the movie’s producers went through to keep Johnny and Angelina Jolie from being photographed together having a friendly off-camera chat while making the movie in Italy. (They assumed paparazzi would immediately link them as having an affair.)The pair had separate transportation at all times, windows on their boats were blacked out, and Angelina stayed in a house with her family while Johnny stayed in a far –away hotel. There was no socializing and no homewrecking!

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  1. She has absolutely no one to blame for her reputation but herself and most of her previous lifestyle. I’m still not buying into her “Saint Angie” persona. It’s too bad she’s the female lead because I would like to see Johnny Depp’s film but can’t stand her and will never support her. She pretty much disgusts me and I feel bad for her kids being dragged all over the place and stuck with nannies and a different mansion every few days. Well, at least the kids have each other as a constant.

  2. Reta, you have way too many issues. Deal with them instead of being so invested in the myth of Angelina.

  3. In my humble opinion, Angelina would have bagged Johnny Depp while working with him on this movie, if she had the opportunity. The “Saint Angelina” profile she’s working so hard to create doesn’t pass the stink test.

  4. Johnny’s smart and his partner Vanessa is even smarter. You know Angie would have been on him in a heartbeat if she had any opportunity.

  5. Oh, c’mon she probably has already cheated, and with someone better looking and not p-whipped like Depp. Vanessa may have put one of those trackers on his weiner schnitzel that goes off if he does anything other than pee.

  6. Sounds like some of you people know Angelina personally. She to me seems quite content with Brad Pitt. Who wouldn’t be?

    Why does everyone blame AJ for the Pitt/Aniston breakup? What about Brad? Did his %$^& have a mind of it’s own, therefore not his fault….People that hate AJ generally are in insecure relationships and well, let be honest here, not so gifted in the looks department. That’s why they side with Aniston.

    Just tellin’ like I C’s it!!

  7. Sounds like the habits of normal grownups with partners, while working; not wanting to have an affair.

  8. I don’t get the appeal of Johnny at all. He reminds me of Dita the stripper, he is stuck in a “schtick” and can’t get out of the weird way of dressing and hair. Men wearing makeup is just too gay for me, metrosexual my @ss.

  9. I think he’s ugly, way affected and overrated and not talented as an actor. Don’t like any movie that he’s ever done.

  10. Depp and Jolie speculation and gossip are much ado about nothing.

    Remember Vanessa (Paradis)?

    Angelina is a DQ ice-cream cake. Johnny has chocolate mousse at home.

  11. I read an article where he said that he deliberately avoided being alone with her to avoid the inevitable rumor and speculation. He’s no dummy. And Indy, where do you get one of those weiner schnitzel tracker thingies?

  12. Indy, I disagree on all counts. Brad, like Angie is all American good looks — everything is up front and over-blown, to show that you get value for your money. Depp and Paradis are a much better looking couple — the antithesis of the corn fed goober types you often get in Hollywood (Pitt, Denise Richards, Jake Gylenhal). I do wish that Depp would stop acting like a 30 year old grunge musician and tidy up a bit.

    As for the P-whipped comment, well that is a lame snipe that just reflects the anger of an American female angry that a foreigner took an American man. But few American women would have been capable of winning and keeping Depp’s heart. Remember that Depp’s two great loves before V were Kate Moss (British) and Winona Ryder (American, but very bohemian, and not at all your typical American ideal in the looks department).

  13. Ahem. This story smacks of some sort of attempt to generate some much-needed publicity heat for a movie that is getting ABYSMAL reviews, and is likely going to be a bomb. ZERO chemistry between its stars is a recurring theme of the criticisms.

    Yes, we remember how stunning Angelina and Brad looked together when they were promoting “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” but that was years ago, and frankly, Johnny is no Brad—especially in his current Keith Richards iteration; he looks like he needs a good soak and scrub.

    More troubling for him should be the question over whether the failure of this film signals that he has gone to the campy, eccentric-pirate/mad-hatter/chocolate-queen well one too many times, and has now been hopelessly typecast.

    It may be that in a “straight” role such as this, he is simply no longer credible.

    (Johnny, losing the eyeliner might be a step in reversing that trend.) 🙂

  14. Monah, the worst thing about Interview with a Vampire — the only bad thing actually — was Brad’s awful farm-boy jawline and his tendency to clench it to show emotion. Yuck!

  15. Well said Reta. I am in total agreement. The “Saint Angie” self serving title always makes me feel a little pukey.

  16. Thank you Walt. Nicola, what I don’t understand is your attack of me out of all these people who give their opinion, you choose to believe I “have way too many issues.” What the hell? WHAT ISSUES? That I don’t support a whorish, anorexic looking, baby-buying, brother-kissing, heroin using, someone else’s husband fucking, blood vial wearing, boyfriend stealing (Billy Bob), and in my humble opinion pretty much the same in every role actress from what I can tell, somehow sets me apart from all the OTHER people who know the same FACTS, bothers you THAT much?!

    If you’re too dumb to know that dragging kids all over the planet is NOT good, and that they need STABILITY and PARENTS raising them, not nannies, then, my dear, it is YOU who have the “issues.” I suggest a visit to a few foster homes and check out the results of absentee parenting.

  17. What a fun way for celebs to live…No one trusting no one. Gee, what a life I’m missing.

    Palermo and Monah’s assessment of Depp is also mine; geez I can’t stand him. And, it’s obvious Vanessa does not trust him. She is more than likely the one who ordered spies to make sure JD and Angie were kept apart. Like I said above, no one trusts no one. But wait, that just makes it more fun to sneak around and see what you can get away with.

    Muffin: I am not ‘siding’ with Aniston. I just think when you are nutty as a fruitcake and have ZERO morals like Angie, then sumethin’ has gotta give.

    Reta has summed up her evil crazy way of life; who else buys kids and flies all over the world, cuts themselves, drugged for years, french-kissed their brother, the Billy Bob blood vial saga,dabbled with Jenny (female model), plus being a rotten actress.

  18. Barkley: I also agree with your assessment of the great Depp. Yuck.

  19. Sebastian: IMHO, “Losing” Depp to a French girl is America’s gain.

    Sebastian, deep down inside, do you want to be an American citizen and have all this great country has to offer, which is basically nothing.

  20. Angelina stated publicly that she wanted Johnny Depp. Looks like she’s not as all powerful as she once was.

  21. Indy, no, I do not want to be an American. Like most Canadians, particularly those who have roots and still-close-ties to Europe, America is an enigma. I admire the American cohesiveness and Can Do attitude, but am disturbed by its puritanism and xenophobia.

    I maintain that Depp is a true bohemian, and would never have been happy living as an American, with a wholesome American wife, and a couple of corn and milk-fed kids. So, I find the assertion that Vanessa has Johnny on a short leash quite ridiculous, particularly with regards to the plastic and vapid Jolie (who btw is half Canadian, which accounts for at least half her craziness. No folks, we are not all polite and level-headed. Some of us are mad as hatters, and could put the Britney Spears of your country to shame).

  22. I hate to say this, but I feel like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are actually becoming parodies of themselves…

  23. Since your self-admitted drug use, I can guarantee that your brain ain’t workin’ like the rest of society!

  24. If you’re referring to me, there is nothing wrong with my brain. You’d have to take out pretty much anyone who lived in the 60’s-70’s as well if you think that by what went on back then has made us all have “brain’s that ain’t workin’ like the rest of society.”

    Just what section of society are you referring to? Every generation has had their own issues and learning curve. I happened to actually LEARN from my early mistakes and leave them behind. You would fault me for that? Since you seem to have memorized details I have shared here about my past, perhaps you may also remember my IQ. Hardly brain damage, my dear. Again, I don’t get the constant personal attacks on me. Looks more like YOU’RE the one with problem thinking. I suggest you look up “obsession.”

  25. A high IQ means nothing. You have an extraordinary IQ, but you sit on this gossip site and RANT about celebs all day? Psssh…

    I seriously doubt your claims.

  26. Angelina may be part Canadian(the family had to search real hard for the French Canadian connection) but she’s from Indiana cornfield bowling alley stock.

  27. Bluejay, I thought Angie’s mom was Canadian Native Indian, from Quebec actually. Is that not so? I know her dad Jon Voight (most famous now as the guy who once owned George Costanza’s car) is pure mid-westerner, but I am not complete sure about her mom.

  28. Hey Reta’s Rainbow – you are hitting below the belt. We come on these site to talk about celebrities not each other. People are allowed to have a different opinion than you.
    That’s what makes the reading interesting. If you want to bash another poster then email them.

  29. Johnny Depp liked to hang out in Aspen with Hunter Thompson….before he took his own life. Depp seems like a guy who is an American and who enjoys quality literature and entertainment drenched in the truth. That’s American.

    This movie looks like a giant pot of fail, to me. But I’ll give it a watch on DVD.

  30. Hunter S. Thompson was a pedophile who decided to beat a hasty exit when the jig was finally up. He knew how they treat cons in the pen who are busted for having “short eyes.”

    No doubt Johnny did like to hang out in Aspen with him—considering he was probably 25 years beyond the age of Hunter’s interest.

    Little truth drenching for ya. No charge.

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